Friday, January 29, 2016

Ringing in the New Year!

New Year's Eve, I planned to take Sienna's newborn pictures…so I needed all those crazy kids out of the house so it would be quiet and calm so she would sleep. They went sledding! It was perfect and they lasted just long enough for me to get all the pictures I wanted.
Adorable, right?!

The cute baby Sienna!
The kids came back, had lunch, then went back out again near our house. It was cut short cuz Sadie had a little sledding accident. She was riding a plastic sled and under her lip tore. It ripped the little part that connects your gums to your lip. Luckily, Rob is an ortho and looked at it and said sometimes they clip that anyway so she had it done for free. :) Poor girl though. Cambree and Brinley were with her and had her put pressure on it (with her glove) to stop the bleeding. They did everything they were supposed to do.
I really loved that we had family around to ring in the new year and I love that it was at our house so the little kids could go to bed earlier. :) We had appetizers going all night and games all night.
I meant to buy some party stuff but with all the visitors we had, I forgot. So I told Cambree what I was wanting to do and she made some photo booth props. She did great and we had some fun with it.

Why is it so hard to take a picture in focus?

On New Year's day, we all tried to sleep in and then we went to the Stout party. We had dinner and then they had some games to play. They tried unwrapping a box with oven mitts on. When you got doubles with dice you had the chance to try.

Mom won the adult game and Sadie won the kid game.
Cambree is giving it a try.
Rob and Shawn left a little early with some of the kids to put them to bed. Angie and I stayed with the older kids but left before they played Burn the House down. It was getting late and they had to leave in the morning to travel home. It was such a fun Christmas break. I was NOT ready for real life to start up again.

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