Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Post Christmas Activities

Oh boy…did this Christmas keep on giving with family and fun!
The day after the wedding was a Sunday and the only day we could do the Hancock Christmas party before family started going home.
Easton was excited to hang out with "Uncle Kracker".
We had dinner and the cousin gift exchange. So many kids!

Here they all are! They are growing up!
My cute baby!
We had guests staying at our house from December 22nd until January 2nd. My parents and Avery were here first since Tiff had her baby. Then, Layne & Breanne needed a place to stay since they were here from Cali for the wedding. They basically just needed a place to sleep. We didn't see them much but they did teach us some fun games. The Pattersons came into town the Tuesday after Christmas. They stayed with some friends in Payson on Monday night so we met up with them at BYU for some bowling. Mom and Avery came too since they were at Tiff's house helping out. Holy cow. I did NOT do well at all! That's probably the worst game of my life. I don't know what was up.
Avery and Easton "playing" arcade games.
Here's some of us!
Just lay the baby on the table to feed him!
Mom bowling
Shawn did well…but Rob still beat him.
Cambree was pretty awesome with helping all the little kids bowl. This is Easton using the ramp.
After that, we were hungry so we went to Brick Oven. The wait looked long but since we had such a big party, they were able to get us right in! Whew! Oh boy. I was by myself with 5 kids and ordering was CRAZZZZZYY! They were all yelling their orders at me and they were starving. Geez. That's why we can't go to sit-down restaurants. Kids.
Bedtime! We had kids all over the place. Spencer said he wanted to sleep in Easton's bed. Yeah, it didn't last longer than 5 minutes.
The next day we ventured to Salt Lake to go to the newly remodeled Church History Museum and to see the lights on Temple Square. We parked at the Grand America so we could see the cute window displays on our way back. We took TRAX over to the museum first.
We met up with Mandy and her kids (Nate came after work) and my mom and dad came also.
The Church History museum was nicely redone. We will have to go back when it's not so crowded.
Easton was showing me how he could lift the heavy temple bricks.
We found the children's play area! It was nuts but we spent a lot of time in there.
Sadie's drawing
The girls did this for a long time. They would use the shapes to copy the example.
After that we were hungry. We went to the food court at City Creek to eat. Then we stopped by the Macy's candy windows. They were Peanuts themed.
Then it was time to see the lights!
Easton, Spencer, and Logan
Colden, Easton, Evelynn, Sadie
It was a cold night so we spent some time in the Visitor's Center. We waited in line for the Christus and saw 2 movies they have up there. One was about family and was SO good. It was really nice having us all in there together to watch it. Then the Sister Missionaries talked to us afterward. Mom bore testimony of families. It was the best part of the night.
Easton was tired of standing.
We ended our full day by going back to Grand America to see the window displays. The kids got a cookie at the end for filling out their scavenger hunt cards. This is one of their favorite things we do at Christmas.
I stayed back with Sadie so I could tell her how to spell everything.
The big gingerbread house!
Potty break! Of course, we had to show them the beautiful bathrooms!

Monopoly man!
We also made a pit-stop at the fun toy store they have in there.
Whew! That was a fun but full day!

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