Sunday, January 24, 2016

Heather & Darin's Wedding

Yup! On December 26th, the day after Christmas Heather (my niece) decided to get married. I guess that's the day the first met so it has some significance. It was a pretty winter day until a few minutes before they came out…the breeze came through and would cut right through you! It was so cold! I helped Jody take some pictures but not many cuz it was too cold to stay out!
(I haven't edited these yet)
Barbara didn't bring a coat!!!

They were done but I talked them into going in the sun to do a few more shots. It was MUCH warmer and I got my favorite picture!
This one…to die for!
Going back in!
We quickly went back to our house to pick up the kids and go to Saratoga Springs for the reception. They had it at Camp Williams in a reception hall there. It was a really cool place! We were invited to the luncheon afterward but they ran out of food (?!) so we went to Little Ceasar's for pizza. Ugh.
The reception was nice. They served hot cocoa and cheesecake. I had a good time just being with family…it's so nice not to have to worry about taking pictures. :)
Blurry picture but Sadie loved watching them dance and wanted to dance with Shawn for this daddy-daughter dance.
Keaton asked Sadie to dance. She was excited about that!
Jordan and Caden
They had a fun dance party! The send-off was sparklers. I didn't even go out for it cuz it was so cold!

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