Sunday, January 31, 2016

December Mish-Mash

December is supposed to be one of the busiest months but it didn't seem that busy and I was so grateful for that.
The first week of December, Shawn was at a conference in Vegas. I was painting Sadie's nails and he wanted his painted. So blue and green on his hands and brown on his toes. He way WAY too excited about it. When I was done doing his hands he said "This is so awesome!" while jumping up and down. then he wanted his toenail done and when the job was done he said "Now I'm looking beautiful." Hurry back, Shawn!
Cuz doing homework while laying down makes it better.
Ugly Christmas sweater/shirt night out with the Bunco girls at Fongs. I didn't have one. :(
We made a Christmas CD mix for the YW. I made the labels and stuck them all on. I LOVE Christmas music!
The annual Cedar Hills Polar Express story time. We hadn't been before. I was watching Avery so she came with us. Easton had a hard time listening along with many other kids but it was fun for them.
They got cookies and wrote a letter to Santa. They also got a jingle bell and train ticket.
We had our annual YW Christmas dinner. This time, we had a progressive dinner. The girls started at different houses and got different courses for their meals. A leader gave a thought. I gave one about Christmas music. Then, we sang Christmas carols as we walked to the church for one last thought and dessert.
We also put up the manger scene that we used last year.
Easton just loves going to the preschool we have in this neighborhood. They got to count with jelly beans at Lila's house.
The girls had a piano recital at The Charleston. Turns out, my mom's cousin is living there! I was helping over there for the month doing the sacrament with the young women and heard her last name, Pollard. It sounded familiar so I asked my mom about it. She looked it up and said that her husband was her cousin! He was REALLY tall and so is Marlyn. Their kids are all tall too. Her youngest son played for the NBA and is now going to be on Survivor! It's pretty fun! The kids all loved meeting her, especially Cambree because she thinks that's where her height comes from.
There was no particular order that the recital went and Cambree volunteered to go first and picked Brinley next. Marlyn hadn't made it down to watch yet and Cambree forgot! She felt so bad! So Sis. Tilley let them do their duet again at the end.
Sadie and Easton helped put together Snowman kits to give to friends.
Easton was too sick to go to preschool. He had a fever and needed to stay home. He was so sad he had to miss the Christmas party. The mom in charge was nice enough to send their treat and craft home so he could do it.
Shawn took Brinley to the new exhibit at the MOA at BYU. It was a Norman Rockwell exhibit. I took Cambree a few days later. It was fun seeing the pieces we all know so well and some that I don't. I love his realistic style and humor.
Do you see the kids out in the snow? They just had to play out there.
We went to the school to watch Cambree sing some Christmas songs. Usually they don't let parents come watch but this time they made it happen.
Cambree is the tall one on the right.
Sadie sang later that afternoon. They had a quick little program with the other kindergarten class.
They sang Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Cambree's friend's mom took her sledding. I'm lame and haven't taken them yet.
Crazy hair day! Cambree wanted Princess Laia hair.

Sadie wanted the cup hair-do. Her hair is SO long!
More sledding…Brinley took them this time. I love having her old enough to take them!
I hope we started a new tradition; a Bethlehem dinner. We had pita bread with chicken salad (I don't do fish), grapes, oranges, cheese and crackers, hummus, jicama, carrots, cucumbers, olives, and apple juice. The kids thought it was fun to eat on the floor. We put Caden in the jumperoo so he wouldn't climb all over the table.
I can often find Caden watching out the window looking at the snow.

Since Avery spent the night, Shawn got to read bedtime stories in our bed so they would all fit.
It snowed so Easton and Avery went out to play.
Later that day, we went to the hospital to see our new cousin, Sienna!
This is how we do family prayer sometimes. It's not very reverent.
Caden is big enough to have a bath with Easton! He loves it. Easton already teases him and pour water over his head. He doesn't seem to mind yet.
There was a website where it would calculate what pictures were the most popular in 2015. Of course most of them were Caden! He was the biggest thing that happened to us this year!

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