Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Festivities…mostly fails

Well I tried to do some Christmas activities. Some didn't turn out quite like we wanted. It started out good though with the Stringtown Polar Express. Good thing we know the Curtises because they know the people that run it and got us tickets. I guess they turn about over 5,000 people!
Easton and Trayden are such good buddies. Chris got to ride with them.
All aboard!

Heather had 2 extra tickets so Brinley got to bring Ashlie and Cambree brought Jordan along.

We made a stop at Santa's Workshop. All the kids (minus Brinley and Ashlie) sat on Santa's lap.

Caden's first time sitting with Santa. No tears…I didn't expect tears anyway.
All "our" kids!
The next activity we tried was The North Pole. Seven Peaks turned their waterpark into a Christmas wonderland. You could sled down the slides, ride a train, ride some rides, and ride the bumper boats along the lazy river. Sounds fun, right? Well, it would've been fun but there were too many people for the amount of activities they had. Shawn went straight for the bumper boat line. I went with Easton, Sadie, and Cambree to ride some rides. Those didn't have a line. When they were done, I found him in line and took his spot so he could wait in the train line. We thought that line would move faster. Nope. I waited for 1 1/2 hours (he waited a 1/2 hour) and by the time I got to the front of the line, he was at the front of the train line so we had to decide which one to do! What bad luck! So all the kids chose to go on the bumper boats (better choice) and Shawn rode the train with Caden. By the time it was over, the kids had been complaining that they were cold and they were tired of standing so we left. The whole ride home they complained about how awful it was. Fail.

They decorated the edges of the river. They actually did a great job.
Earlier in the month, we saw Santa at the Cedar Hills rec center. We waited in a longish line, saw Santa, and got some treats. It was alright. Not a total fail.
Caden and Santa look like a deer in headlights. Hah!
The next weekend was free also. I LOVED having weekends with the family and not having photoshoots. I think Cambree was at a friend's house and we needed to take something to a friend in Lehi so I suggested stopping by Thanksgiving Point to see the reindeer. Right off, Brinley was saying how awful of an idea it was. It was pretty busy so Shawn dropped us off so he could park. Immediately, Easton was saying how cold he was and Brinley was saying how stupid it was so I called Shawn to pick us up. He didn't even have to get out. Fail again.
On the way home, I vowed to not do anything else cuz the kids weren't loving it. (We were going to see the lights at Temple Square with my sister later.) I decided to just do stuff at home and that actually worked out great!

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