Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Card 2015

The Hancocks had some exciting events happen in the family during 2015. They added one LAST child to the family. Caden Davis was born on January 20th. He is a wonderful addition to the family. They all LOVE to love on him! In the summer, they went to a Davis family reunion in Sedona, AZ. There was a lot to do! Slide Rock, Out of Africa park, hiking, and swimming at the house and the first Lip Sync Battle. It’s was epic!
SHAWN still LOVES working at BYU. He loves working with students and has a great work environment. Outside of work he has spent his time with several projects around the house and anything thing else on his “Honey Do List”. He also has been busy as the choir director at church. It’s a different experience leading, as opposed to just singing in the choir!
MISSY is adjusting to having 5 kids, but luckily Caden is a great baby and is making it easier. She loves photography and her business continues to keep her as busy as she would like. Missy is still helping with the Young Women in her ward and this year their big activity was the Value Run (AKA Color Run). That was a blast! She also went to Girls Camp with Brinley. She enjoyed having her there and showing her “the ropes”…literally. During the Davis Reunion, she slipped twice and hurt her shoulder and cracked her wrist. She didn’t know it was broken until a few months later when she got an x-ray. All healed well but she feels really old having fallen and hurt herself so easily.
BRINLEY is now 12 and in 7th grade (time flies!). She started Junior High and thinks it’s no big deal (she is easy-going like Shawn). For her birthday, Brinley had a Murder Mystery dinner. The guests all had to play a part and figure out the murder. It was so much fun! Brinley still mostly plays goalie in soccer. She tried softball out this spring and doesn’t think she will do it again, even though her team took first. She loves music and singing, and excels in piano lessons. She is LOVING Young Women and Girls Camp was the highlight of her summer where she zip-lined and went snipe hunting, among other things. Brinley is thoughtful and can rattle off statistics and random facts. How does she keep it all in her brain?!
CAMBREE recently turned 10 and is in 4th grade. She loves school and her teacher loves her too. Cambree is still playing soccer and taking dance class, but is getting less interested in dance (much to her mom’s disappointment). She is also doing very well at piano and practices everyday without being told. Cambree is a great friend. She loves to help with Caden and be in charge of her younger siblings.
SADIE is now 6 years old and started Kindergarten. FINALLY she is in school! She will tell you that she should really be in 1st Grade…her teacher thinks she’s a smarty too! She is still loving dance and was excited to move up a level, especially because she can dance on the stage without a teacher guiding the class. Sadie is such a fun, happy, and independent girl. She loves to meet new people and be friends with anyone.
EASTON turned 4 and is in a neighborhood preschool taught by the mommies, including Missy (which makes Missy anxious!). He tried soccer for the first time this fall with his dad as one of the coaches. He had more fun making sure mom was watching him than actually going after the ball. Easton is still the most emotional child—from laughing, yelling, to sobbing. He definitely keeps them entertained!
CADEN is the new addition, even though he is now approaching 11 months! He may be the best baby you’ve ever met. He rarely cries and will often sit or play quietly. He also has the best smile and will show it off whenever to whomever. His parents hope he stays that way. He just started crawling at 10 months, which is a typical for the Hancocks…he is definitely one of them!

We love you all and hope you are all well. We think about you often. May you have a beautiful Christmas Season as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Have a wonderful year!

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