Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas 2015

Well things didn't quite turn out how we planned but that was just fine.
Christmas Sunday I insist on a family picture. Easton wasn't too thrilled. It was a big Sunday for Shawn since he is the choir director and planned the whole program and directed all the songs. It turned out wonderful. He did a great job.
And a blooper.
I needed a picture of Caden for his first Christmas ornament. It was hard to choose one!

Yeah, he was ready for a nap and I made him pose for more pictures.
Christmas Eve was our big dinner. It was voted to have it at my house. That's just fine! Mom and Dad spent the night so they were a lot of help with the turkey and food. Tiffany's water broke on the 22nd so she had her baby a few weeks early! So that's what I meant by things didn't quite go as planned. Everything went fine and Sienna is beautiful! They checked out of the hospital on Christmas Eve. They went home to relax for a bit and decided to come have a yummy dinner with the family. We were glad we could all be together and I got to use my fancy dishes. :)
The grandkids got to open presents from Grandma. Caden LOVED his walker toy from her.
Cambree got the super popular game Pie Face. The girls had a blast playing it. Sadie liked to play it but was too scared to go when it was her turn. So funny!
The Collettes left after the adults played the gift exchange game. We got the game Headbandz and a selfie stick…both of those things I bought for the game. heehee…
The rest of us had a little program. The kids sang a song my mom wanted them to learn and sing, my girls played some Christmas songs on the piano, and we all recited/read The Living Christ. I've been working on that for YW's and almost have it memorized which is amazing for me since I'm horrible at memorizing things. Then the kids dressed up to act out the nativity. It was a little crazy but not too bad. Cambree loved being Mary so she could hold Kylie. Kylie surprisingly likes her so it was perfect.
After everyone left (except my parents), the kids finally got to open their jammies from Grandma Hancock. They were bouncing off the walls waiting!
After they went to bed, we made our breakfast casserole we always make. My parents came up to help and we watched a Dolly Pardon Christmas movie while we waited for them to fall asleep. It took a LONG time! Then we went to bed.
Santa came! He responded to the note the kids left too.
We are mean parents and make the kids eat breakfast before seeing what Santa brought. Easton didn't like the breakfast, of course, so I made him PB&J.
They are lined up and ready to go in! I love the anticipation!!
Their ages on their fingers…as per Shawn's family tradition.
And they are finally set free! The kids are all a blur in these pictures.
Caden was just loving how excited everyone was.
After Santa gifts, it was time to unwrap gifts from each other. They each get 3 gifts…something they want, something they need, and something to read. I buy them all and they help me wrap them. My kids really impressed me this year. They really wanted to give to each other so they saved their money and bought things for each other. It was so sweet. I love that they are getting the joy of giving.
Mandy found an awesome race car track for Easton for the cousin gift exchange.
Using my new selfie stick!
Sadie wanted a slinky…and it got tangled up right away.
Sadie told me to make a face and took a picture with my mom's phone. I didn't think it would be in focus cuz they never are.
Santa brought us stockings! The kids wanted new ones SO bad! I've been putting it off until I knew we were done having kids so they could all match. But Santa knew what we wanted!
This Christmas was a good one. It felt so good. I can't quite figure out what it was. I didn't get anything good but I do love giving gifts but I do that every year. Maybe cuz I got to witness my sister's baby's birth. Maybe it was family was around so much. Maybe it's because we didn't do too much and just enjoyed each other. My kids felt it too. They all kept telling me that it was the best Christmas. I just love my little family.

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