Sunday, December 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Time!

Shawn's sister and her family came into town for Thanksgiving. We already had plans to go to Las Vegas but they came early enough we got to hang out with them.
Sadie was a pilgrim for her Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast.
I got the kids out of school and planned an afternoon to go to This is the Place park with Melanie & Moe. Big mistake. I've never been there before but I checked the internet and it said they were open. When we got there, it was a ghost town. The employees pretty much discouraged us to buy tickets to go in and do the few things that were open. So lame. We walked around the free part to see the monuments and went into the gift shop.

 So we decided to get donuts instead. That made for some happy kids.
 Moe LOVES to gnaw on baby cheeks. :)
We had a family dinner on Sunday with the Hancock side and played games. We also had an adult movie night and saw Spectre. It was alright but I'm not a big James Bond fan.
We drove to Las Vegas on Wednesday and got there early enough to help make pies and a few things for dinner the next day.
Sadie was loving the Headbandz game! She played that over and over with whoever would play with her.
We had a YUMMY Thanksgiving dinner. I made my rolls and pie and was hoping to alleviate some dinner stress from Sarah but they have their menu that they HAVE to have every year so we just had more food! Oh well.
That night, we decided to head out and shop around 11:30 p.m. Target was pretty much empty so it was pretty nice. For some reason, we were out until 4:30 a.m.! We went to 3 Targets (one 2 times) to find what we needed. I think we were walking zombies so it took longer to shop than normal. Haha!
The kids REALLY wanted to swim in the hot tub but it was getting too late so we did smores instead. The next night they swam in the hot tub.
 A bad blurry but cute picture of Caden!
 Saturday was the BYU game so we had to watch it. Then, Shawn and I went out with Val, Sarah, & Tyson (cuz he'd been bored all weekend with no cousins his age to play with) to the Cheesecake Factory. I've been wanting to go there for months! So I was happy and my Reeses Cheesecake was amazing!
 Then we walked around a really nice shopping area. It was REALLY cold though!
 We didn't do a whole lot. It was just fun relaxing with family. We went to sacrament meeting and then I left with the kids to go home. Shawn had a work conference in Vegas the next week so he just stayed. Oh man. The drive home was 2 hours longer. The holiday traffic was awful and then it would snow a little bit and everyone would slow down. In Nephi it was really bad and took forever to get through. Good thing I bribed my kids and they were all so good. Caden was awesome too! I felt very blessed to make it home safely and mostly happy. :)

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Tiffany said...

Man, you always get stuck with the traffic down there! Glad everyone was good.