Thursday, December 3, 2015

October Mish-Mash

I love fall and October but it's my busiest month of the year so it's hard for me to enjoy it. But here is how we try!
Sadie lost her first tooth!! She was so happy to make this milestone.
We went to my parent's house for General Conference (like we always do). Sadie has been waiting patiently for her birthday present over a month ago. Grandma got her a camelback. She was excited to have her own.
Easton got his present too…a cape and a mask.
Uncle David is so great to play with the kids. They love it when he is their horse.
No Davis gathering is complete without some game playing.
General Conference on a big screen in a dark room…not really a good idea.
Cambree took great notes during all the sessions. I was proud of her for wanting to listen.
Dragging the whole family to Easton's games!
Shawn got to coach with Chris. They made a good team.
Back Row: Kingston, Axiom, Peyton, Riley
J.J., Leah, Easton, Drew, Trayden
Caden is really starting to get around. He's running circles around Kylie.
Brinley got to play YW Volleyball. They didn't win many games but they sure had fun and that's all that matters.
The girls had their piano recital. Cambree's was a duet with Brinley. She played "Waltz for a Kitten".
Brinley played "Treasures of the Sea". It was a harder piece and she did have it all memorized until nerves get a hold of you! It's tough!
Sadie taking a very serious selfie.
We went to Barbara's house for Sunday dinner to celebrate her birthday.
He crashed our date but that's ok. He's so cute!
I came to Cambree's class to help make haunted houses. They are so fun! Caden just was happy rolling around a corner of the classroom. A mom commented how good he is. Yup!
Sometimes I get so caught up in my day-to-day tasks and am just focused on getting things done. But this time the kids asked to go to the park and it was nice enough to go.
Sadie is getting so good at the monkey bars. She loves them!
We find Caden getting stuck places. He wedged under the bed and couldn't get out.
Caden is 9 Months old now! He is 23 lbs (93rd percentile) and 29 inches (78th percentile). It seems he has slowed down a little. He rolls all over the place but still isn't crawling, which is normal for my babies at this age. he can copy some sounds and likes to eat food but is a little picky. He is a great sleeper but will sometimes wake up and need a bottle. He's not consistent though. He is as smily as ever! We sure love him!
The church put on a Face to Face with the Piano Guys. A leader invited all the YW over to her house to watch it and have crepes. Yummy!

Easton came home from preschool telling me he had firetruck snacks. I didn't know what he meant until my friend sent me a picture. So cute!
Sadie went on a field trip to HeeHaws. I wish I could've gone but no babies are allowed on field trips. My friend took this picture for me.
I just wanted to document what our fridge usually looks like. Many projects from kids usually fills it. I know that won't be the case all the time.
Nicole was cutting Shawn's hair and I put Caden down. The twins came over to him to just stare at him. It was so funny!
Caden also got a haircut. His first one!
He wasn't a fan and was sad during it.
Isn't this the saddest picture ever? I can't believe he pulled his big lip out! He does not approve of his hair cut!
These 2 do! They always have to play dress-up too. So cute!
The ward had a Daddy-Daughter activity. They had a carnival theme. I couldn't believe Shawn put on this stuff for the photo booth! What dads won't do for their girls!

All summer we wanted to go up the canyon for a hot dog roast with the Curtises. We finally went at the end of the month and it wasn't too terribly cold either.
Brinley said she would do push-ups every time BYU scored. We played Wagner and were killing them so she was dying! Eventually she did burpees and crunches. The next day she was sore!
He's ready to crawl but not going anywhere yet! Any time now!
He loved chewing on this balloon. I was waiting for it to pop but it didn't.

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Angie said...

Life is busy with 5 kids! You did a great job highlighting each of them! I swear I sometimes go for weeks without taking a picture of some of my kids. It's sad.