Tuesday, December 22, 2015

November Mish-Mash

I love this time of year with all the fun holidays.
We started off the month with YW in Excellence. I begged to put together the favors and to make cake pops and decorate. Our theme was "Look Up".

 Some leaders made the balloon arch again. They are pros now!
Those are my suitcases. I have too many!
This wall showed our 4 goals that we worked on this year.
This wall we printed up a bunch of pictures of the things we did this year. I also made the slideshow and it reminded me of all that we did this year. We did a lot!
 The girls learned a song and performed it. It was a fun song, "You Gotta Look Up".
 For the dessert, we did cake pops and ice cream.
 Caden is sort of moving around now. He keeps getting stuck…like in the fort the kids made.
 Matching boys!! Caden's is a little big and Easton's is way small.
 This is what a dance party looks like at the Hancock house for FHE.
 The kids have rediscovered Hungry Hippos since it went with my preschool letter H. Oh boy. Help me with the noise.
 I got an MRI. My first one. I hurt my shoulder and wrists at the family reunion in Sedona during the summer and it was still hurting. Everything starts itching when you are in there. I recited The Living Christ or tried to…I got stuck but only had a few more minutes before it was over. Turns out, my wrists broke but healed right and I didn't have any tears in my shoulder. So that's good news. I wanted to find out before the year was over since we reached our deductible by having Caden at the beginning of the year.
 Just keeping it real. I hardly ever make my bed in hopes that I will get to have a power nap in the afternoon. It usually works out so that's why I never make my bed. :) I used to always make it growing up and through my teenage and college years. I don't know what happened. Maybe cuz no one cares if I make it or not.
 I let the preschoolers paint. I was nervous about it but they did well.
 Matching again!! My cute boys!
My SIL wanted me to take her family pictures at the Payson Temple. We got there a little early so we just chilled on the grounds. Jody made us dinner afterward.
 Keaton instagrammed a pic with him and Caden.

Cambree started speech recently. I'm SO glad! I've asked her past teachers about her lisp and they didn't think it was a problem. Well, I guess in 4th grade it starts to be a problem! I had to meet with the speech therapist, her teacher, AND the principle. I didn't think it was such a big deal but I guess it's an IEP which Shawn says is a big deal. I have no idea about this stuff. Anyway, she is VERY motivated to do well cuz she hates being pulled out of class for 20 minutes 2 times a week. She thinks kids will think she's dumb. Her teacher said "That would be the last thing kids would think! She's very smart." After only 2 weeks, we've seen improvement in her s's. It's amazing and she sounds different. It's weird but good.
We had a nasty storm blow in and it blew our trampoline on top of our swing set. Luckily, Shawn was home and could get it back up and tied down in the snow in his shorts!
 My friend commented that he is so good he is entertained by socks. It's true!
I took Sadie on a date to Toys R Us. I didn't know what she wanted for Christmas so she helped me figure it out. Shopkins are on her list!
For a YM/YW activity, they had a magic show by a guy in our ward. He was totally legit! The kids LOVED it and he stumped them all!
Brinley needed to see a play for school and for personal progress so we went to The Secret Garden that the High School put on. It was really good! There are so many good singers! A girl from our ward was in it too.
He just woke up and his hair was pretty high. It was funny but he didn't think so.
Caden is 10 months old!! He is still in my favorite stage because he isn't quite crawling yet. He is close! He plays and is happy just rolling around and scooting backwards to get where he wants to go. He has 5 teeth and is now a picky eater. He will usually eat rice cereal and sometimes fruit but that's where the baby food stops. He likes puffs and bread but the rest he chokes on. He usually sleeps until 7:00 a.m., gets a bottle and sometimes goes back to sleep. He usually only takes one nap because my mornings are crazy and he isn't fussy so it works out. We just love this little boy of ours!
Watching the BYU game in Ryan's movie theater room. It's the way to do it!
After probably 3 months, our laundry room has hooks and beadboard! When we got our TV (3 months ago) we put all the wiring behind it and Shawn cut all these holes in the wall so we had to cover it up with beadboard. I still need cupboards but this definitely helps with our backpack, jacket, coat problem.   I love it!
Shawn was out-of-town for a conference for work and there was a fundraiser at Chick-fil-a, so I took the kids. It was busy and I didn't order enough food so the kids were complaining. It reminded me why I don't like to take them out.
Also while Shawn was gone, we decorated the tree. Sadie broke one of my favorite ornaments. I was sad but the girls chewed her out for me. Oh dear.
That's a wrap! I LOVE Christmas and am excited for it to start!

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Tiffany said...

I like the picture of you in the scrubs because you're like, "This is real!" That's too bad you were all itchy, but that was smart to keep yourself distracted.