Sunday, November 8, 2015

September Mish-Mash

School is in full swing! This is what our lives look like right now…

I'm starting to get slammed with photo shoots so I have to edit when I can. Caden loves to be outside and Easton wants to ride his bike so this worked out perfectly.
Love those chubby hands.
Sadie's friend, Eden, invited her to Arctic Circle for her birthday. Such a fun lunch date with her friends!
Cambree was really proud of her art project.f It was an About Me project.
Brinley wanted approval of her outfit for school pictures. Pretty cute!
Ummm…Ok…These 2 came downstairs with Shawn shorts and hid in them like this. So funny that they practically fit their whole selves in them.
Shawn and I went out to a BYU soccer game for our date. It was against Utah and there was standing room only. We got there a little late so we didn't get a great view. We stood behind the goal back a few rows of people. This was my view….so we left a little before the game ended.
Yup! It's BYU football season around here. Time for house projects to stand still….as you can see, it's not my favorite time of the year. Although I do get a lot of editing done when a game is on!
But this kid sure is cute!
BYU's first game was VERY exciting with a hail Mary winning touchdown. Doesn't get much better than that! The kids ran a lap around the block with our BYU flag.
More soccer games! I sat Caden in this chair. He looks so big!
Easton made lego guns by himself. I was impressed!
Cambree's first game of the season. It looks like she will have a great team!
And I don't mind my cute companion to watch it with me. Most of Brinley and Cambree's games conflicted so we had to split up every time. Lame.
Daddy would be proud of Sadie's art project at school.
The youth had a lip sync battle activity. The Beehives were supposed to dress up crazy. Brinley found Shawn's old tap dancing vest and put it on. Perfect. :)
The Laurels did a Once there was a Snowman medley. It was awesome with Olaf!
 Bunco with these ladies! I've gotta get me a selfie stick! You can fit a whole room in a photo!
Caden is 8 months old! He likes most baby food except green beans. He has 2 teeth and working on 2 more. He doesn't crawl but rolls all over. He gets bored if he is in one spot. He is obsessed with the ceiling and will unexpectedly lean back to look at it. And his smile will melt your heart. :)
(The wall is full of preschool stuff…still freaking out about that.)

Brinley is taking drama which she wasn't too excited about. Luckily, she has a great teacher that she loves and is making it super fun for her! She told me the night before about a puppet show her class was doing and to have the kids come to watch with a puppet she made a few days before. She is a procrastinator sometimes. We all got ready and to the school by 8:45. I was impressed with myself and Brinley did a great job.
We invited the Curtis kids and we all had a fun time!
We got together with the Dunns to have a BBQ and watch the BYU game. So many kids on the stairs…and that doesn't include the 3 babies.
Later that evening, was the General Women's Meeting. I like to take the girls out to dinner. Brinley had told me a few days before that she had never been to Cafe Rio and that EVERYONE has been there. So we went there even though Cambree did NOT want to.
They begged me to take a picture of them in their matching Lighting McQueen jammies.
He loves to tackle Caden already. Sometimes he get a little too rough but Caden mostly laughs and loves it.
Oh…the Indian dwelling diorama. She did much of it herself. I just had to hot glue stuff on for her. The clay horse was so cute but she wanted it to trot off the back so you can't see it.

Here it is at school.
That's it! Now for the rush of holiday season for the rest of the year.

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