Sunday, November 29, 2015

Halloween Time!

Our city had some Halloween festivities. Brinley and Cambree had their fortune told (she was right on about telling them their personalities). We took the little kids to the Halloween Walk were they got a bunch of candy.
Pumpkin carving time for FHE! They don't love cleaning the guts out. Sadie did it for her first time and didn't love it.
The kids are getting better at carving their own pumpkins and they have their own ideas of what they want to do.
Poseidon's trident…I told you she's really into Percy Jackson

Mom and baby
Cannibal pumpkin
Easton had a Halloween Party at Preschool. She went all out with cute projects and trick-or-treating.
Easton wanted to be super Thomas and a super Transformer so he traded all week between those things.
The YM/YW put on a Halloween Carnival for the ward. They had games, crafts, and a bounce house.

Brinley helped out at the craft table. They made cute lanterns.
Brinley's friends, Ashlie and Aubrey, at the Donut on a String.
My kids won a fish and Brinley got 2 leftovers to bring home (one fish is Jordan's). Oh boy. We don't do pets. They lasted longer than I thought but they died about 2 weeks later…one by one.
Since Halloween was on a Saturday, the kids got to dress up on Friday. I went to the school 2 times for 2 Halloween parades…one for Cambree and one for Sadie in afternoon Kindergarten.
Brinley went to the Junior High dance. She had a fun time!
We found out about another Halloween party at the city rec center. We went with friends. It was great! They had cookie decorating, games, crafts, balloon animals, and a magic show. It was so fun! Easton kept going back to the games and doing it over and over and would get candy every time he did it.

Easton got a sword!
Halloween day both Brinley and Cambree had soccer games. They were at the same time so I went to Brinley's and Shawn went to Cambree's.
Brinley plays goalie a lot. That would be too stressful for me!
My mom and dad came later that day and Tiffany & David joined us for dinner. We had a fun dinner with mummies and jack-o-lantern salads. The hit of the party is always the dry ice. :)
Picture time for my crazy gouls!
Cambree looked ravishing as a masquerade guest. She wore the mask I bought in Italy.
Easton was a super Transformer. Cambree put flames on his face.

Brinley found Shawn's old BYU letterman's jacket and wanted to be a softball player.
Sadie is a cute court jester.

Caden was a silly monkey. All my kids have worn this costume. Love it!

Brinley with her friends...Ashlie's costume was awesome even though I don't know what she is!
The World Series was on during trick-or-treating. Our circle likes to sit outside (if it's warm enough) and pass out candy so they put up a big screen and music and we had a great time watching the game while passing out candy. We stayed out even later to watch the end of it after all the kids were done. We also hit up Lynnette's  house. They had an insane asylum. It was pretty freaky!
My parents sat outside with the neighbors while Shawn and I took the kids around the neighborhood. Tiff and David came also. It was the best Halloween yet! I swear I say that every year.