Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fall Break-Staycation

We are good at doing Staycations around was good we didn't plan anything because I had a photo shoot every day of fall break! I guess making money is better than spending it…in theory. ;)
The first day was SO nice! The sun was shining so after some chores, we went to the park to play. Cambree suggested it and to also bring a picnic. I had a shoot that evening so that was that for the day!
My friend gave me these yummy cookies from Ikea. I ate most of them. 
Doing what he does best!
The next day I had a shoot in Park City for my aunt. The BYU was on that night and we didn't get the station so we all came to the shoot (except Brinley…she was staying at a friend's house in Kaysville) and then to Shawn's parent's house to watch it and stay the night. Cambree got to watch the kids while Shawn helped me with the photo session. There was the scarecrow walk nearby so they enjoyed that and Cambree took a picture at every scarecrow.

Where the Wild Things Are
Cambree loved this one of Percy Jackson
This is a great picture Cambree took!

Joy from Inside Out
I had a shoot up in Kaysville so we slowly got ready for the day and headed up there. We were a little early so we paid a visit to Mandy. Shawn hadn't seen their new place. The weather was awful and raining but the location we found had an awning. It wasn't ideal but it worked! Whew!

Shawn took Friday off for Fall Break and he always has Monday off so that was nice. We like going to the Witchfest at Gardner Village and coordinated with Heather to go on Monday with them.
Best friends!
Cambree and Easton posed for me
They LOVED ringing the bell as loud as possible.
We did the witch scavenger hunt to see all the witches.
Here's all the kids! (minus Cambree and Brinley who are too cool to be int he is picture)
Here they are! I made them pose with the bright sun! Whoops!
Sadie LOVED this witch!

We got a cookie at the end since we found all the witches.
That night we went to the local pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins. They had little piglets there  and a "wagon" ride to see more farm animals.
Eyes closed. No retakes for him!

Going for a ride
Cambree was brave enough to hold a squealing piglet but got nervous quickly after. They are NOISY!!
I love fall!

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