Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cambree's 10 Year Old Halloween Birthday Party

I was excited when Cambree said she wanted to do a Halloween theme for her birthday party. There is so much you can do with that theme!! Her party wasn't until Friday night so on her actual birthday we took lunch to her at school.

And watched her play four-square with her friends.
For dinner, we had pot stickers, broccoli, and kiwi as she requested. Then she opened her presents from the family. She already got to see Imagine Dragons as part of her birthday present. I also got her a new comforter for her bed and promised to redo her bedroom. She has been wanting it updated for awhile now. Hopefully after the craziness of photo sessions goes away.

Now for party-time! Here is her invite that Tiffany made:
We served dinner and it was so much fun to put it all together…well, I was actually tired for whatever reason but my mom and Tiffany were there during the day to help.

The girls were obsessed with the dry ice. It's definitely a must for Halloween!!
Her cake. Not my best but the banner is cute.
We all dressed up! Caden was so funny cuz he kept eating his fake banana.
A cereal killer?!! Awesome!

I even dressed up. Now that's special!
My mom was such a good sport! She totally helped with the food and decorating and I had her tell a story with the Mystery Boxes (different food items representing brains or eyeballs, etc.) last-minute. She was awesome!
Birthday girl/Masquerade lady
The party favors...

Tiffany also made signs that went with the different games we played. Mummy time (toilet paper wrapping game), Witchcraft (crafts), Mystery Boxes, and Dig for Worms (finding gummy worms in whipped cream).
The party started with dinner cuz we were all starving! Then, we played the games.
Mummy time which later turned into a toilet paper fight.

Then we made the crafts which took way longer than I anticipated. They made masks and little ornaments.

Then we dug for worms. Totally messy!
Then my mom told about a dead witch and everyone felt in the bags for the different body parts. Then it was cake and presents!

She had to guess who was saying "happy birthday, Cambree" or she would get whacked on the head.
I just love this age! They are old enough to do a lot stuff themselves and know how to have a good time. Cambree also totally helped prepping for the party so that is nice too!
Left-Right: Tori, Jordan, Ella, Reagan, Anna, Aubrie, Cambree, Ella, Taylor, Alison, Kayleigh


Tiffany said...

Mom's so good with telling stories. I could never whip something out! And it's still so hard for me to believe how tall Cambree really is. She's such a giant compared to the other girls!

Angie said...

Wow! You did go all out! What a fun party!