Monday, October 5, 2015

Thanksgiving Point Farm

A friend asked if we wanted to go the Thanksgiving Point Farm. The older girls were already in school so it would be a perfect way to spend our morning. It was still $2 Tuesday but wasn't too terribly busy. The line to ride the ponies was long but my friend stayed in line while I took the kids around. We've never been there before so it was fun to see what it's all about.
My little animals!
There is a little play area that shows how food goes from the trees to the store. The kids LOVED that! They played in there forever.

Easton was absolutely insistent on NOT riding the pony. I knew he would love it so I REALLY tried to bribe get him to do it. The attendant told him he could ride the smallest pony. After watching babies ride the ponies, I told him I could hold on to him and walk right by him. He decided that would be ok. He LOVED it and was so proud of himself!

Sadie got on the biggest one and no trouble riding it.
We also got a tractor ride. Then inside, they rode on little trucks and found out how milk is brought to stores. So cute!

The Farm had a lot more stuff than I thought. We will have to come back because my older girls really want to ride a pony.

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