Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sadie's 6th Birthday

We do friend birthday parties every other year and this year Sadie could have a friend party but she chose to do a family party since she REALLY wanted to go to Kangaroo Zoo. Fine with me!
Her day started out in her new school dress. She was so excited to wear it.
The Junior High had a lunch Munch n Mingle that parents could go to. So we bought some Wendy's food and took it over. She didn't seem too excited to see us but I think she just didn't want to act like it. :)
She got to bring donuts to school and they sang to her.
I made the cake and they decorated it! Fine with me! They did a great job.

She opened presents that night from family. Brinley bought her a Shopkins set. She is so sweet to buy presents with her own money.
She wanted doll clothes and told me which ones she wanted.
She really wanted roller skates and was excited to get them.
Time for cake and ice cream!

The next day was Saturday so we went over to Kangaroo Zoo. Brinley ended up babysitting last-minute. She was happy to do that.
Its pretty great that we could just let them run wild and wear themselves out. They had a blast!

Caden happily hung out with us.
As soon as we got home, she wanted to try out her new skates. Her friend, Eden, came over. She is an old pro at it and gave her some pointers.
I think it's safe to say she hd a great 6th birthday!

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Jennifer S said...

What an awesome birthday! Your family always looks so happy!