Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sadie's 6 YO Photo Session

Sadie is 6 now! This is what she is like nowadays:
-A few people have told me how happy and fun she is. She smiles a lot and is usually happy.
-She continues to read. She really likes to read Mo Wellems books.
-Sadie is still taking dance and loves it.
-She has taught herself some songs on the piano. She has figured out the first few notes of "Gethsemane".
-She LOVES Kindergarten and sits next to a boy that needs a little help. She helps him. Her teacher has told me many glowing compliments about her.
-She wants to be involved in everything. We had her take a break from soccer and to wait until it's just a girls team.
-She is good at playing with anyone and makes friends quickly. She loves an opportunity to make a new friend.
-Sadie adores her siblings but especially Caden right now. She wants to hold, feed, and change his diaper. She wants to be a mom already!
-When she grows up she wants to be a snow cone worker.

When I saw this barn I knew I had to shoot there. Luckily, Sadie's birthday was coming up so she was the one I decided would get to go there. I even found a cute dress for her.

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