Saturday, October 10, 2015

Labor Day-Payson Canyon

The kids have been wanting to hike the Y all summer but it was just too hot. I thought it would be good to hike it for Labor Day but Shawn got to thinking about the hike and how he'd have Caden on his back and knew it would be too tough and he'd probably have a hurt back. So we decided to hike The Grotto which was another hike we wanted to do this summer. Our friends asked what we were doing for Labor Day and I told her and invited them to come along. It's been really warm lately and I didn't even think that it would be cold! But we were up in the mountains and it wasn't warm and the kids were in their swim suits. I felt bad I wasn't more prepared.

The hike was short but really fun! There were lots of bridges to cross.

We brought Jordan along.
At the end is a little waterfall. Chris dared the kids to walk through it even though it was FREEZING!

Sadie is my only brave one!
Jordan did it too but not Cambree.
This is the closest she got!
We were all there too!
The kids and dads hiked up to see the waterfall from above.

Yes, we do have an extra kid. Jordan. :)
After the hike, we drove a short way up to Payson Lakes to have a picnic. We thought they could wade in the water but it was gross and too cold. The kids had fun getting muddy though.
After that, we came home and worked on house projects…there is always a project to do!

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