Sunday, October 25, 2015

Girls Weekend at the Cabin

I look forward to going to my aunt's cabin every year. It's the highlight of fall for me. I get to see my aunts and cousins and scrap all weekend long! Angie came from Arizona to join us.
My sisters and I were in charge of a dinner. I decided to make my rolls! They were SO good! I can't wait to make them again for Thanksgiving.
When I left, David invited Shawn to go to The Curiosity Museum at Thanksgiving Point. I'm proud of him for taking the 3 littlest ones on an outing!
A few hours after we arrived at the cabin, there was a moose family! A mom, baby and probably teenager. They were right outside our window. We were going crazy!
We watched Cinderella, ate yummy food, and my cousin's wife gave me a pedicure with gel nails. On Saturday afternoon, we cleaned up and then I went to Silver Lake to do a family photo session. The weekend is way too short! Next year I'll have to go up earlier!

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