Sunday, October 4, 2015

First Day of Jr High, First Day of 4th Grade, First Day of Kindergarten and First Day of Pre-Preschool

It was crazy how many different first days of school we had this year!
Brinley was starting 7th Grade in Junior High. They let the 7th Graders come a day before school starts so they can figure out where their classes are and practice opening their lockers. We are entering a new chapter in our family!

We have SO many kids in our neighborhood that are her age! They are waiting in line to get the bus.
That night was the BYU Fan Fest on BYU Campus. We met Shawn at work. We wanted to shop for a BYU shirt for Sadie but one of Shawn's co-workers noticed she was the only one without a BYU shirt and gave her one. Shawn works with the best people!

Wee!! Blow-up slides!
These 3 wanted to try everything!
Caden was decked out in his BYU shirt.
Sadie decided she wanted to hug Cosmo again and tried to knock him over like she did last time. She failed to knock him down much to her disappointment.

Cambree got all 3 pillows in the hole!
We sure love BYU!!
Cambree's first day of school. We walked her to school, like we always do.
Sadie started Kindergarten 1 week later. She was SO anxious to start!
She wanted something special done with her hair. I found this and since it's not a French braid, I can do it!
When I dropped her off, she actually looked nervous so I walked her in and to her seat and said "bye!" She still seemed nervous but I knew she's be ok. When she got home, she said she had a great day!
I LOVED this her teacher did for them. I asked her all the questions. It was a great way to hear about her day.

Easton is going a little neighborhood Pre-Preschool…that means I have to teach sometimes! Ahhh! That's SO not my thing but we will see how that goes.
He was super excited to go to preschool. I think he will love it.

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