Thursday, October 29, 2015

Easton's 4th Birthday

Easton went back and forth about whether or not he wanted a friend party or a family party. Eventually, he decided on a family party and to go to HeeHaw's but as we were going, he asked about his friends coming. Ugh. I don't think he understood.
The week started off with the Primary singing to him on Sunday. I peeked in to watch. He wore the birthday hat and asked him what his favorite TV show is. He said Thomas.
His birthday was on a Monday which was perfect since Shawn has that day off work. As soon as the girls came home from school, he opened presents. He is so fun because he gets excited about everything! We gave him a dinosaur Hot Wheels track that he asked for, clothes, a car that goes by itself and a wiggle car.

He just wouldn't hold still! He was too excited!
After presents, we headed to HeeHaw's. We were the first ones there and had the place to ourselves for a bit. The owner was great and gave us special treatment especially when we said it was Easton's birthday.
 The first thing they wanted to do was the corn pit.
The animal train is always a hit. The animals…not so much. My kids aren't huge fans of goats and ducks chasing them.
 They played a Needle in a haystack game. The girls hid different toys for Sadie and Easton to find.
 Caden was just happy to be there! He is such a good boy!
We got on the people mover to go to the corn maze. Since we were the first ones on it, it wasn't stomped down so it was a little rough going through it.
I can't believe this weather! Still shorts weather.
 All the kids! They let us take home a free pumpkin since it was his bday.
 Ha! I couldn't get rid of this picture of Caden. He looks so happy!
After HeeHaws, we got pizza and breadsticks for his birthday dinner. Then we had cake! It's a pretty cute cake if I do say so myself!

 The next day was preschool and all his friends sang to him while he got a donut. Preschool is so great!

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