Thursday, October 8, 2015

August Mish-mash

It's the end of summer! So sad!

Take a picture of Easton! He looks like a girl!
The Beehives had a going-away party for one of them that will be moving for a few months.
For FHE, Sadie wanted to play Petshop Mall Madness. No one else wanted to play. I'll admit, I like that game.
Caden has been a stinker lately. He's been getting up at 6 or 6:30 and is ready to go for the day! I hope this doesn't last long. Maybe it will end when the sun rises later.
We continue to do the Legacy cancer study. The kids love to go to play on iPads and eat snacks.
After the study, we went to the airport to see Keaton come home from his mission! Jody wanted me to take pictures for her. We had a big crew there! It was exciting! He seems like he's grown up some.
Jody wanted me to make this sign for Caden. So I asked Cambree to do it. :)
About a week before school started, I took Brinley to the junior high to find her classes and practice opening her locker. It's a good thing we did that because it took her quite a few tries to do it!
Since our anniversary was during the family reunion, we went to P.F. Chang's to celebrate late. I LOVE me some lettuce wraps!
On Sunday we went to Keaton's homecoming. He is so funny and enthusiastic. That hasn't changed! We went to the house afterward for food and to play. The kids loved their bunnies.

Grandpa loves to hold babies. Caden was so tired…
…and fell asleep in my arms. He doesn't do that much anymore.
We had a fashion show for FHE with their new school clothes. They loved strutting their stuff!
Caden is 7 months old now! He can roll over (one way), sit up (pretty good), eats a few solid foods, and is just such a happy little guy! I don't have any complaints (except the getting-up-early one)!
We took summer off from dance but Sadie is ready to start again! She is super-excited to move up to Level 1.

The kids walked home from school, got a popsicle and plopped down and watched a show. I guess school wears them out!
Sadie went to her Kindergarten assessment (where her teacher told me I might want to think about her skipping a grade…um…no!). She got a math workbook and has been doing several pages a day. She's so excited to start school!
Nicole had a BIG party for her twins 1st birthday. She wanted to thank everyone for helping her out this past year. The girls were cute when they got to dig in to their cakes. One got totally messy and one didn't want to touch it. They are so different.
Brinley is starting to learn how to take the "correct" selfie. Haha!
We put Easton in Tot soccer since his friend Trayden is playing. Shawn is helping out by coaching.
We got back-to-school cuts! Easton LOVES getting his hair cut!

During Easton's first game, he was so excited! He would run and wave at me and tell me he kicked the ball! He had no idea what was really going on.

My friend brought over some clothes for my girls to have. She is awesome to do this often. I plopped Caden down in the middle of it all.
Sometimes I take a picture just because I can't stand his cuteness!
We got Easton a bike from a garage sale almost a year ago and didn't realize how much work needed to be done on it. So on a whim, Shawn took him to the store to buy one. He was so excited to ride a bike!
Moe has been having major health issues and needs another surgery. To cheer him up, Sarah sent me some pictures to Photoshop his head onto. He had a good laugh.

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