Friday, October 30, 2015

Easton's 4 YO Photo Shoot

Oh this boy! He is such a sweetheart but is so, so stubborn! Here's what he's been doing this past year:
-He still tells me every day that he loves me (sweetheart)
-He is such a picky eater and loves his carbs! He told me when he turned 4 he would try tomatoes. He has yet to try them along with plenty of other foods. He goes without dinner most nights. (stubborn)
-He is a pretty boy because he likes to get his hair cut and done with a faux hawk-- or what he likes to call "Hulk Smash." He also likes to get new clothes and pick out his own. At this age, I was able to still get my girls to wear what I wanted…but not Easton.
-He has many best friends…even kids he has just met are his best friends. He is definitely a friendly guy. However, his true BFF is Trayden Curtis. He asks multiple times a day if and when Trayden can play. When they do play, he never wants it to end, has a tantrum when he leaves, and is asking 10 minutes later when they can play again.
-He is pretty cautious (like riding his bike really slowly). However, when he can do something more daring, he is so proud of himself.
-He gets scared of lots of things, like flies. :)
-If he barely gets hurt, he cries. It's hard to take him seriously.
-Overall, he is just really expressive. When he is happy, he is HAPPY; When he is mad, he is MAD; When he cries, he SOBS.
-He is definitely an active kid. He loves to run around, jump on things, and be aggressive. He enjoys physical play, which is funny, since it usually leads to him crying.
-He knows all the letters of the alphabet and some sounds. He knows what his name looks like and tries to write it.
-He knows his colors, but is working on his shapes. He knows his numbers and can count to 20 (although he messes up at numbers 14 and 15…he just says 14 14.
-If his sisters will let him, he likes to listen to nursery songs in the car.
-His favorite uncle is Val, or "Uncle Cracker." Val made him think during last Christmas that his name was Uncle Cracker, and the name stuck.

For his photo shoot, we went to Spanish Fork to get pics at the wall of half cars. He loves cars, so it was perfect! Turns out, it was facing the sun so it was blaring in his face. We made the best of it and got some great pictures. Here's my handsome boy!
 Silly boy! That's his Hulk Smash face. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Easton's 4th Birthday

Easton went back and forth about whether or not he wanted a friend party or a family party. Eventually, he decided on a family party and to go to HeeHaw's but as we were going, he asked about his friends coming. Ugh. I don't think he understood.
The week started off with the Primary singing to him on Sunday. I peeked in to watch. He wore the birthday hat and asked him what his favorite TV show is. He said Thomas.
His birthday was on a Monday which was perfect since Shawn has that day off work. As soon as the girls came home from school, he opened presents. He is so fun because he gets excited about everything! We gave him a dinosaur Hot Wheels track that he asked for, clothes, a car that goes by itself and a wiggle car.

He just wouldn't hold still! He was too excited!
After presents, we headed to HeeHaw's. We were the first ones there and had the place to ourselves for a bit. The owner was great and gave us special treatment especially when we said it was Easton's birthday.
 The first thing they wanted to do was the corn pit.
The animal train is always a hit. The animals…not so much. My kids aren't huge fans of goats and ducks chasing them.
 They played a Needle in a haystack game. The girls hid different toys for Sadie and Easton to find.
 Caden was just happy to be there! He is such a good boy!
We got on the people mover to go to the corn maze. Since we were the first ones on it, it wasn't stomped down so it was a little rough going through it.
I can't believe this weather! Still shorts weather.
 All the kids! They let us take home a free pumpkin since it was his bday.
 Ha! I couldn't get rid of this picture of Caden. He looks so happy!
After HeeHaws, we got pizza and breadsticks for his birthday dinner. Then we had cake! It's a pretty cute cake if I do say so myself!

 The next day was preschool and all his friends sang to him while he got a donut. Preschool is so great!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Easton's Neighborhood Preschool

Some ladies in my neighborhood wanted to do a preschool for the kids Easton's age. There are 6 of them so it's not too many. I've never done this before so I was REALLY apprehensive about how to plan and prepare and how it would go down.
The week before my turn, they were bakers and made gingerbread cookies. How was I supposed to follow that?!

The day before it was my turn, I called my friend kinda freaking out about how much to plan and what to do. I had NO CLUE! She told me about letter songs you can find on YouTube. They loved that! Easton got everyone dancing around.
I had the letter C and we were construction workers building blocks. These kids move too fast! They are all blurry!
Can't wait for next time! Not!