Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sedona Davis Family Reunion | Slide Rock | Day 5

Slide Rock was on the agenda the next day. They only let so many cars in at a time so we tried getting there early. We barely made it in! We walked a short distance from the parking lot. It was crowded! I was SO excited to go there and it didn't disappoint (oh, besides the fact that it is super slippery even with my water shoes and I totally slipped 2 times hurting my shoulder and wrist). The water was cold so it took some getting used to. I was just telling Kristy that I didn't know how I was going to get my body used to it when I slipped! That works!
We started off in a more mellow spot riding down the rocks.

There's some of our group walking around.
This was right after I fell.
There was a small cliff jumping spot here where some of our group jumped. That was just the warm-up before the BIG one. We ate lunch and then went to the big cliff. David, Rob, J.J., & Colden went off it no problem. Angie & Kristy tried to be brave and do it. They kept freaking themselves out and took forever to do it. They finally both did it. Angie took longer and Kristy did it again! I talked Shawn into doing it and Brinley did it too. Twice! She is so brave!
After that was the Grand Finale! Up higher is where the good slides are. Oh my! I could've done that for hours! It was so fun! I ripped a hole in my shorts from going down so much.
We tried making a train but it's too hard to stay together.
Some of the family had already gone back and Caden was needing some down time so we didn't stay too much longer.

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