Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sedona Davis Family Reunion | Out of Africa | Day 6

Well we decided to brave the weather and do a non-water activity. It turned out to be 105 that day so I don't know how smart that was, however, I think it was that hot everyday. But the park was AWESOME and the closest I will ever come to an African experience.

First off, was the lemur cage while we waited for our safari bus.
Here we all are! On the bus!
The very first thing we see is a giraffe. They give everyone a celery stick so you can feed the giraffe. If you want to be brave, you put it in your mouth so you kiss the giraffe. They even have shirts all the employees wear that say they kissed a giraffe.

Their LONG tongues!
Our tour guide was awesome and fun. He is showing us how it's done. It was one LONG kiss though. Gross!
David did it! He kissed a giraffe! He bought himself a shirt at the gift shop. 
We saw zebras…but no feeding them. He said they could bite a finger off!
These guys were antelope of some kind.
We stopped to see the ostrich. He told us how dumb they are but also they have quite a bite and a peck and a kick.
We saw some kind of bull. I guess they make mozzarella cheese from their milk. This guy's name is String Cheese. :)
Another giraffe. Brinley and I fed this one since she saved her celery. Pretty fun!
More deer. They are siblings.
Some big long-horn bulls.
Right when we got off the tour, we just missed the shuttle to take us up to the petting show. So we thought we could walk it. We didn't realize the park was SO big and walking it was SO HOT! That was such a bad idea. We took a few breaks but finally just parked it at a shuttle station to wait until the next shuttle.
We made it to see the end of the show.
After that, some of us walked around and saw other animals but it was close to lunch time and Shawn decided to sneak in some food so we wouldn't miss the tiger splash show. So he rode the shuttle all the way back and brought us lunch. We found shade and picnic tables. Everyone else eventually did the same.
Then it was time for the tiger show! It was pretty amazing how they would play with a TIGER! He just seemed like a big cat but they took precautions and were careful.
We got tickets to feed the tigers after the show. There was quite a line to wait in and some of our group left. We were right by a bear while in line.
It's not every day you can say you've fed a tiger!
I was helping Easton feed the tiger but you can't see him from the angle.
Next on the agenda was the snake show. Everyone else had gone back to the house but we wanted to stay to watch them feed the lions and tigers. So we watched the snake show to pass the time.
I am so not a fan of snakes and they asked if anyone is scared of snakes. I raised my hand for a second and then thought better of it but my kids called me out. So he said those that raised their hands can come face their fears and touch the snake. I'm ok with them if I see them and stay away from their heads so it wasn't too bad.
Then the kids got a chance to touch it. Easton was pretty excited about it.
After that, we rode the shuttle that followed the meat truck that fed the animals. It was pretty cool to see the big chunks of meat they would toss over the fences and how they would eat it. Crazy.
The rhino came out just as the shuttle was passing. 
Oh man. When we got back, all I wanted to do was jump in the pool. So did everyone else! It was heaven!

Wednesday was a full day! After dinner, it was the lip sync battle! Everyone did such a great job! It was so fun! We did "Bohemian Rhapsody". It was perfect because there were lots of different parts. Shawn did the main part and did a great job!
My parents did "Sing a Song". My dad had good acting skills.
J.J. & Kristy did "Love is an Open Door". They are cute actors!

Mandy and Nate did "Shake it Off". Logan knows how to shake it. It was cute.

The Pattersons did "We will Rock You". Angie did an awesome guitar solo.
Of course my girls wanted in on the action. They did "Everything is Awesome". It was cute and Brinley did great with the rap part.
Angie and I did "Straight Up" without practicing. We did pretty good if I do say so myself! I hope this takes the place of the talent shows my mom likes to do every reunion. It was such a fun activity!
Tiff made these cute certificates.

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