Friday, September 25, 2015

Sedona Davis Family Reunion | Day 7 & 8

On Thursday we were ready to just do a short hike and relax in the afternoon.
But first we need smiles from cute Caden! Angie gave us her jumper and I'm so glad we had it since the whole house was tile and he doesn't sit well enough to be on that all the time.
We searched online and found a hike that was nearby and was a hike around Cathedral Rock which is a popular landmark for Sedona. We hiked through a little water so that was nice and cool.
Here's our group with Cathedral Rock in the background. Tiffany's family didn't come since she needed to do some homework and she's pregnant and probably needed the break.
Caden wouldn't look up for a picture. Shawn was helping him out.
The hike went longer but we stopped at a fun spot to play in the water.

After the hike, some of us hit the pool or the bed. :) We were tired most of the time from the many activities we did and staying up late playing games. :)
Everyone in the hot tub!!
Then everyone got showered and ready for pictures. The backyard was gorgeous so we just did them there. Easy-peasy!
We used a tripod again so of course I had to do some head-swapping. :)
Grandkids…minus Gage cuz he just would NOT be in the picture without his dad!
I decided to just do our family pictures too.
Mom wanted LOTS of different poses. So Shawn took a bunch.

I LOVE these of my parents!
The bloopers are fun!
Crying kids everywhere!
On Friday the plan was to go to an Indian Castle near Flagstaff but we were all done with driving so much and we just said to do what you want to do. So a group went biking, a group went rappelling and some of us stayed home with the kids to play in the pool. Brinley went rappelling!! I don't have a picture of it buy my dad said she was scared and it took a little coaxing but she did it! Years ago she tried and couldn't do it but she wanted it and did it this time. I'm so proud of her for doing so many brave things on this trip! Hopefully she is careful at what she does though. :)
In the afternoon, the women wanted to go out on the town. Some of them wanted to get souvenirs. I just wanted to see the town.
It was our turn to make dinner that night. Shawn was awesome and had already started it. We ate, played "Would You Rather", and went to bed.
The next morning we packed up and drove home in one day. We made good time. I think the kids were exhausted. It was a great trip and reunion!

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