Sunday, August 30, 2015

The 4th of July!

I think it's beginning to be somewhat of a tradition to go to Tooele for the 4th. We have gone every year for a few years. It's fun to do the small-town thing.
We arrived the night before and spent the night. My sisters and their families were coming in time for the parade.
Sadie was wearing Shawn's shoes backwards. It looked trippy when she walked.
I don't braid much and thought I would try it again. Not too bad! But I need more practice.
The weather was cooler and cloudy. It was awesome! The kids thought the candy was awesome too!

Here's most of the adults!
These 2 love to hang out together. I'm not sure why they are scowling. 
Here's a happy boy!
The highlight for the kids were the characters. Easton thought Pooh Bear was great when he gave him a high-five.
Caden was obsessed with eating Shawn's hat. It was pretty funny.
Mandy showed up about 1/2 way through the parade. The construction in Tooele is nuts!
My cute family! We color-coordinated!
In the afternoon, we went to the church to play volleyball which also is becoming a tradition. Caden was a little fussy so Shawn played one-handed and then Caden eventually went to sleep!
My parent's backyard is still a favorite for the kids to play in the little creek my dad built.
Waiting for the water to come...
The rest of us watched the U.S. Girls Soccer game against Japan. It was a great game! We won! We scored our first goal right as the game started. It was a fun game to watch especially in the home theater.

We had a BBQ for dinner and a festive Jello salad. Logan can't seem to take his eyes off it.

After dinner, we did sparklers with the kids. We are boring and no one bought fireworks this year. Then we played games and didn't even go out to see the city fireworks. We love our games!
We made a long weekend of it and stayed another night and went to church with my parents. It was fun to get away even though it wasn't for very long or very far.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

June Mish-mash!

Here we go again!
We got out the slip n slide when Cambree had a new friend over. They were afraid to get wet, it seems.
Cambree is a good helper on Sundays. She loves getting Caden ready and I love it when she does! It reminds me of when my little sister was a baby. I also loved getting her dressed and doing her hair.
The creek was running at the park! Yay! It doesn't run very long in the summer so we had to go.
We brought the Curtis boys along and Shawn had the day off so he came too.
Summer just isn't summer without popsicles!
For Family Home Evening, we went to the temple and talked about why we want to go there. I was hoping it would be calm and spiritual and maybe bear testimonies. Nope. Not like that at all. They were rowdy and excited. I was disappointed but it shouldn't have surprised me.
Every Wednesday this summer (almost) one of the girls would choose a recipe to make. It was yummy and fun to have them try new things.
This chunk still loves his swing! The sides bend in a little and it's getting slower.
I've been sending the girls to the school library to get some books. Cambree got the Piggy and Elephant books. They are a little hard but she likes to read them.
Brinley went to the Curiosity Museum with Ashlie…I don't really know what this picture was from. Some hospital thing I guess.
We went to Logan's birthday party. It was dinosaur themed. She did lots of cute dinosaur games and we ate little dinos made out of fruit and cheese.
They were closing their eyes while Mandy hid dinosaur eggs.
Easton's loot from finding eggs.
They dug for dinosaur bones in the sandbox. They also threw bean bags into the mouth of a dinosaur.
Car selfie!
Caden is loving to stick out his tongue lately. It's so funny!
Easton wanted to play croquet for a Sunday night activity. It's pretty fun for the whole family.
Easton learned how to catch a ride on Cambree's bike. It's so fun!
Caden LOVES sucking on his toes!
More pictures that the girls took. Love the thigh-chub!
Caden turned 5 months old! He still doesn't roll over. But he loves his toes, toys, and laughing. He has one tooth.
The kids told me they wanted to visit The Puppy Barn. WE ARE NOT BUYING A PUPPY! So we went to look and hopefully satisfy the craving to want one. Kids under 18 can't hold them. Lame. So I had to hold some.
Brinley wanted to try contacts. She didn't quite wear them a week when she was rubbing her eye and it tore. So we ordered new ones. It took FOREVER to get them again because her prescription is so bad and by that time, she wasn't interested in wearing them anymore because it makes her eyes dry out. I guess she wasn't ready for them!
First trip to the splash park! I invited some friends and we had us some fun!
For $5 Tuesday, we took the kids to see Inside Out. Cutest movie!! We saw the 3D version. It was a great movie for kids and adults. It was so clever.
Cambree's friend, Jordan, is back from Australia! She has waited SO long for her to come back! One of  the first things they did was get snow cones.
First trip to 7 Peaks of the summer. We went with Heather and her kids. It was a little crazy with my 5 kids and her 4. I felt like I was constantly counting and making sure no one was drowning.
Sadie finally got to go down the slide all by herself! She loved it!
For the MiaMaid activity, they went kayaking. I kinda invited myself…and she needed more people to drive. I didn't mind tagging along!
My friend invited us up to her house for a swim party. They had a pool out, their slide, and sprinklers on the trampoline. The kids had fun!
My mom wanted to show Brinley how to do family history so Brinley stayed a day and a night over at her house. They found some names to take to the temple and did baptisms for the dead! It was Brinley's second time going. I love that they did that together!
Ryan invited us over for a BBQ and swimming. We love doing that!
Sadie refuses to wear a life jacket. I make her wear one when it's a bigger pool. She's a pretty good swimmer but her stamina isn't good enough.
Sometimes Caden gets fussy in the evenings but as soon as we take him outside, then he is happy! Love this cute boy!

Brinley wanted to practice taking pictures with my good camera. She did great! Next, I need to teach her about lighting. ;)