Tuesday, July 28, 2015

May Mish-Mash

May was a little crazy as usual. Here's what we did…

Caden has a tuft of hair that always sticks up like Alfalfa. I don't know if it's cute or if I should cut it off.
Mom! Take a picture of me! She thought she was pretty funny with her new doll that Avery gave her.
We watch Avery sometimes while Tiffany goes to her Doctor's appointment (yeah, she is pregnant!). They played in the box pretending it was a cave. These 2 usually play so cute together.
Sadie had Pirate Day at preschool. They all dressed the part!
Her neighbor had a ship in her yard! So fun! They also dug for treasure!
Cedar Ridge did their annual Fun Run Fundraiser. I decided to go watch Cambree run. Brinley didn't want me to watcher her. :(
My cute boys...
She did lots of laps!
The girls had their piano recitals

This is how we do piano recitals.
Co-op is wrapping up! We had cute little Leah over. She loved our little playhouse. I was getting a kick out of her static-cling hair.
I jumped on the Chatbooks bandwagon. It's fun to get a book in the mail just in case I don't get around to getting books done for my kids.
This is how we do slivers. We have to hold down Sadie while she screams bloody-murder. It's lovely.
For preschool they did a lemonade stand. We went to buy some. It was cute how they would count out the change. Such a fun learning experience.
Sadie got the "Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake" book and wanted to have a little party. So when it was our turn for playgroup, we read the book and had chocolate cake. It's such a fun book and the girls loved the cake.
Some of us made it to the Payson Temple Open House. It turned out that the day I got the tickets, Cambree and Brinley both had field trips! Ugh! I was so annoyed! We worked it out that Cambree was able to go with Lynnette but Brinley never got to go. The temple is beautiful! The sealing rooms are huge and there are a lot of them. I guess that was one of the main purposes for this temple is so more people will want to get married there.
Jody took care of Easton and Caden so it was just us and Sadie. So weird. Tiffany came with us and so did Avery.
Before we dropped Shawn off at work, we went to the Cannon Center to have lunch. The kids really love that!
For the Mother-Daughter Activity Days night, the girls had a talent show. Brinley & Cambree played the piano and all the older girls performed a dance all together. Then they all sang a song to the moms. It was fun and the last time I will be with both these girls for Activity Days. They are growing up!

Mom! Take Caden's picture!
I was able to go to the school to volunteer at the ice cream social. Cambree passed off her times tables and got ally he toppings (I think that's what it was for!).
Sadie was my test-subject before I shot a 6 month-old in the vintage tub. I LOVE my flowers this time of year!
She sure doesn't mind when I set up my backdrop and lights to test/practice too.
Easton works the camera too. ;)

The kids put together every puzzle in the house. Then, they called it the puzzle museum. Cute kids.
This kid is 4 months old!! He is as smiley as ever and such an easy baby. Can't complain!
Mom! I want to take a picture of Caden! After Sadie put on her hair piece from dance.
Oh man. This kid will never learn to roll over. He hates tummy-time and spits up every time he is on his tummy.
Oops. Easton has a mess to clean up.
Cute baby! Ready to go to school for a field trip!
Cambree's class needed some more volunteers for their stream study at a nearby park. I volunteered but mentioned that I'd have to bring Caden along.
I was in-charge of a watercolor station. The kids are all so well-behaved but got distracted and done before the session was over. They entertained themselves by playing "Down by the River".

Easton is definitely a bro-ny. He sometimes asks to watch My Little Pony even if the girls aren't around. He knows the names of most of the ponies despite Shawn's discouragement.
Last day of school!
Summer days just might be full of chalk drawings...
My niece was blessed! She is adorable…I wish the picture wasn't so blurry and you could see that. :)
These baby feet never get old.
On to summer!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Brinley is a Softball Player!!

We finally had a kid that wanted to try softball (except Sadie…she wants to try everything!). This sport has been the most intense sport so far. One game a week with 2 practices a week. But it turned out that the weather has been so rainy that she had a bunch of games get cancelled and rescheduled. Then, we weren't able to make it to most of the rescheduled games and she kind of ran out of enthusiasm. She liked the practices and the coaches but didn't like the games. She would only get at-bat once, maybe twice and she would play one or two innings in the outfield. So it was pretty boring. But her team made it to the tournament and she was able to make it to their last game to see if they would win the whole thing. Well, they did! It was tied and went into overtime so it was a nail-biter for sure! Pretty exciting that they won it though!

First game
Last game…they all got their faces painted.
The winners!!!

Her awesome Beehive leader came with her family to watch Brinley and Alicia play. She is awesome!
Team pics...

Their coaches all had big beards.