Sunday, May 31, 2015

April Mish-Mash

These mish-mash posts just get longer and longer cuz I'm too lazy to do too many blog posts I guess. Oh well. At least it gets done. A day in the life of a Hancock…

Many of the pictures I take are because the kids want to me to take them. This one was because Easton sat in Caden's bumbo and pretending to be a baby. Yes, that's Caden's pink bumbo. :)
My 2 cute boys...
I was sitting on the couch trying to get some editing done and Easton and Sadie were playing so cute I just had to take a picture so I would remember it. Easton was pretending to be asleep and Sadie was his mom and Santa Claus. She would fill the Easter baskets with toys. When Easton woke up he said, "Mom! Thank you! I didn't know you were Santa Claus!"

And then Caden woke up so I was editing while holding him. Eventually, he fell asleep. Such a good baby!
This was that one time I was a good mom and played a game Sadie made in preschool. ;)
Ryan invited Shawn to go to the Alumni day game with him. Shawn was more than happy to leave work a little early and watch a special scrimmage.
Cambree and Sadie play together so much. She is teaching Sadie how to play Mancala.
Cambree is a mini momma. If Caden is fussing during dinner, she rushes over to give him a binky. During this particular dinner time, he wasn't happy with anything she did so she help him while she ate.
Easton was trying out Shawn's new shoes. Why is that always so cute?
Sadie was playing patty-cake with Caden…wanting me to take pictures of him.

I love to snuggle him after burping him. He's the best little cuddlier.
This might've been his first time chilling outside. It was so bright his eyes were watering.
Sadie got a fun canopy for her bed…and wanted me to take a picture. :)
Brinley had NOVA Graduation. It's a program at school where there's a police officer that comes to teach them different life skills. The kids love the program and had lots of fun.

I started doing coop again after having Caden. Aubrey and Trayden come a lot which Easton loves. It's great to have a playdate every other week.
Yes. It snowed. In April. A lot. But melted by the end of the day. What the?
This is what my sink looks like every Monday morning. Shawn makes dinner every Sunday (which I'm SO grateful for) but he uses SO many dishes! So the sink is always super full on Mondays.
Who doesn't love a sleeping baby???
A client of mine asked me last-minute to take pictures of her daughter's Hope of America performance. What?? I've never done that before. So I borrowed a lens from a friend and went to see what this was all about. It's pretty neat how they make a flag out of all the kids. They have some good performances but I was happy to leave a little early when she said I could go. :)
I was trying out the lens on my cute, smiley boy.
Mom! Take a picture of me!
Yeah. During Cambree's soccer game a life flight helicopter came. A guy riding his bike had a heart attack. He ended up being ok (I guess) and wasn't life flighted out. It was sure the highlight of the game!
They ended up letting the kids get close to it.
While cleaning out the garage, the kids found a box. And the box became a house, a rocket ship, a cave, etc. Why can't my kids play like that on a regular basis?
Sadie had a talk at church. That's a good dad that can help his daughter do a talk.
Heather came back from her mission in Alabama! She stopped by during our Family Home Evening. It was fun talking with her and Sadie was so excited to play a game with her.
The coop kids loved the box too. It stayed around for a few weeks. I just couldn't get rid of it since so  many kids loved playing in it.
I just wanted to remember how small he is and what it was like to have a baby since he is the last and I will most likely forget.
Mom! Let's take a picture.
More box fun with friends!
Heather had her homecoming. They put on a movie so the kids weren't running rampant while they were getting lunch/dinner ready.
Heather and Sadie
Brinley got bangs!
Easton was asleep and was falling off his bed. It called for a picture.
Sadie and her preschool friends made zoo animals with paper plates. There was a paper towel roll attached to the back and you could talk through it so the animals talked.
He's almost always happy and I can usually get him to smile for a picture.
Sadie went on a field trip to the Bean Museum. They have a little play area where her teacher took her picture.
More of the sleeping baby.

Mom! Take a picture of my messy hair! I'm Hulk Smash!
Easton was "reading" to Caden. I love it.
Since we didn't go to the beach for Spring Break, we played in the sand at the park building sand castles. I'll take it!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

BYU Men's Volleyball Game

It seems that since Shawn got the job at BYU, our fandom has been increased even more. So whenever there is a free game we can go to, we try to go. This time, we took the whole family to the Men's Volleyball game.
Caden had a BYU shirt that a friend gave us so I gave it a try even though it was a 12 month old size. It  fit pretty good!
Sadie was a great helper while I was trying to get everyone ready and out the door.

Easton actually watched the game for a little bit. They all did...
…and then they got a little bored and took selfies.

This, my friends, is a miracle. He just sat on my lap and fell asleep. He's such a good boy!
And BYU won! It was a good night.