Wednesday, April 29, 2015

March Mish-Mash

We are getting used to having 5 kids in the house. It's all normal now…although the novelty hasn't worn off yet. They all love to hold him still.
I'm trying to snuggle Caden as much as I can but let's be real, that means my other kids don't get my attention as much. Easton is getting really good navigating my laptop.
I love following Sadie's preschool teacher on Instagram since she posts some pictures sometimes. These guys look so proud of their tower.
His first smiles!!
For a combined YW/YM's activity, the youth played human Hungry Hungry Hippos with balloons, laundry baskets, and carts. It was WILD but pretty fun! The youth had a blast!

In Preschool they had a talent show. The kids could do whatever they wanted. Sadie decided to dance to "Let it Go" by the Piano Guys. Cambree worked with her a little bit and gave her some ideas. She did a good job but I didn't get any pictures of it because I was working the music. Ambree's talent was creative-Pancake Art. So I did get a picture of that.
Brinley found out how to make a ninja head cover out of a shirt. They were obsessed for a night. This is Cambree.
Handsome boy is going to church!
Easton pretends he is a baby and plays in the bouncer while talking baby talk.
He was being silly wearing a pillow as a hat. He wanted me to take his picture.
The much-hated tummy-time!
Easton, again, wanted his picture taken with Caden. He does like to snuggle with him.
Mr. Potato Head human faces. :)
Oh man. Entertaining 2 three-year-olds and a baby in a car for an hour is tough! My sister and I were visiting Mandy in the hospital to see her new baby, Kylie. Kids still aren't allowed in so we traded places and the kids hung out in the car. The movie only entertained them for so long. But they did pretty good despite the circumstances.
One of Easton's BFF's is Trayden. They are just the best of friends and I love it! We like to invite ourselves over to watch the basketball games that we don't get on our TV. :)
Sadie's preschool went to the Scera Theater again to see Pinkalicious. I wish I could've gone again but having a new baby puts a damper on some things.
For school Cambree had to do a report on a famous person. Shawn has brainwashed the girls with an obsession with sports and she chose Emmitt Smith.
Sadie got Caden to sleep! She was so proud.
More and better smiles from Caden!
He wore shoes for the first time!
My bookends.
Caden's first walk! He was good and Easton enjoyed being by him but refused to put his binky in when he spit it out. :/
For FHE, we played the Hancock traditional game, "The Shoe Game". It was Sadie and Easton's first time playing. Easton got so mad when he got out. But it was fun to find a new game they can all play.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Easton wanted his picture taken in his shirt. Kid needs a haircut.
That night was Bunco night! My neighbor hosted and had some fun party favors.

Caden turned 2 months old! He doesn't do too many new things. He still is an awesome sleeper. He still spits up some but it's getting less. I'm also starting to nurse him less. The milk is going away! But this is the longest I've ever nursed. Go me!

He got shots to celebrate at his well-check appointment. :) His stats: 13 lbs and 24 inches tall. That puts him in the 97th percentile for height and 85th for weight.
Kylie came to get her pictures taken. It's fun to see the size difference even though they are only 2 months apart. Kylie was only 6 lbs 11 oz when she was born.

Shawn took all the kids (minus Caden) to Jump on It. I love that he is taking the kids out by himself. It's funny that the more kids you get, it's easier taking 4 kids out than 5 kids.
He gets to nap when he puts the baby to sleep too. :)
I had to document my first and only time in the mother's lounge at church. It was relaxing. It's too bad.
Shawn took a day off work just to do whatever. We took the younger 3 to Purple Turtle for lunch. We don't do that much so they loved it!

My boys! Probably another, "Mom! Take our picture!"
This is about how our scripture study goes nowadays. Easton is a blur.
He hates tummy-time so much, he rolled over! He did it a few times but not since then so I guess we can't count it.
I want to always remember his little toes!
We got Egged! Someone hid 12 easter eggs, knocked, and ran. The older girls were the only ones awake so they got to hunt. One of the eggs was empty so we remember Christ's resurrection. We passed it on to 2 other neighbors. The girls had fun doing that.
My binky babe looking so tired. He usually needs us to cuddle him to sleep which is fine with me!
Burping the babes. Check out his mullet. He has lost a lot of hair but has a few tufts left.
Some more smiles! I'm obsessed!
Somebody took my phone and took pictures of Caden…you could say we are all obsessed!

Whenever Sadie has a friend she offers to have them hold the baby. Kenzie was happy to hold him!
The first nice Saturday, we had the girls weed. They were out there all morning and did a great job (minus all the whining and checking the time). It might need to be a weekly thing since we just can't keep up with this yard ourselves!