Sunday, March 15, 2015

February Mish-mash

This is our life now with 5 kids!
Cambree was sick of brushing her hair and wanted it cut off. So, we took her to Nicole for a haircut!

The girls were begging to have a party for Superbowl Sunday. I was NOT up for having people over and throwing a party 2 weeks after Caden was born but we made some good food and printed out a Bingo game that my sister made and we were all set!

Sadie got to hold a hamster in preschool. She loved how soft he was!
And now for a billion pictures of Caden…
This was his weight check appointment. He was totally fine!
All cuddled up and tiny in the bouncer.
He loves the swing, thank goodness! He often falls asleep in it.
My mom bought him this outfit so I took some pictures of him to send to her. Love the penguin feet!
Sadie had to jump in. She just LOVES to hold him.
My amazing and talented friend made this AWESOME blanket for him. She is uber-talented!

Somebody (I think Brinley) took a panorama picture of our family room. This is where we spend most of our time together so it's usually messy and Easton usually has a few train/car tracks set up.
Cambree's first time changing a diaper (I captured it a little late though)!
A two-person pyramid!
A late-night feeding. He has only ever gotten up once…probably since we put him to bed so late but I'll take it!

Ooooo! I do NOT like it when kids bite and Sadie made quite the mark on Easton at co-op. I was so mad!
I'm just trying to get my cuddles in while I can. It's going to go by too fast!
He likes his binky! Yay!
The kids thought it would be fun to jump on daddy...
Then, they tried all 3 girls!
Everyone likes to snuggle with the baby!
He just wanted to be snuggled but we had laundry to fold so Shawn put him in the basket. He liked that!
I haven't been going to church yet or to activities but I couldn't miss our Where's Waldo activity! We took the youth to the mall and they had to find all the people dressed up from our ward. It was so fun!
My neighbors were a couple with a "baby". :)
A pregnant 80's couple…I even knew what they were dressed up like but wasn't sure if it was them! They looked awesome!
Jen, our fearless leader wearing her Waldo t-shirt.
Group photo with Utah fans, Mall Walkers, Doctor and Nurse, couple with a stroller, punks, (random guy that jumped in our picture?) reading a book, and an old couple in a wheelchair.
My favorite is when he falls asleep on my chest.
Caden modeling another outfit from my mom.

The high school was putting on the musical "Guys and Dolls". This is one of Shawn's favorite broadway plays so we had to go to it. Cambree wanted to come so we brought her and Caden. It was amazing! 2 kids from our ward were in it too so that was fun to see them perform.
I love those big eyes.
Easton could spend hours playing trains. It's the best babysitter.
I'm kind of a lazy parent right now especially while I'm nursing Caden. Yup, pretzels in my bed…whatever makes him happy. :)
His first smiles! It makes the lack of sleep (even though it's little) worth it!
Sadie can't go very long without wanting to hold him. She had gotten sick when he was about 2 weeks old. I didn't want anyone else to get it (she was puking) so I kept her in her bedroom. She was good about staying in there but was mostly sad that she couldn't hold the baby for a few days. That was a long few days!
Shawn's co-worker is in the Tabernacle Choir. He gave him and his other co-worker tickets to see a special inter-faith performance.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Caden is One Month Old!

This month has been really long because of lack-of-sleep and really short. I can't believe we've had this little guy for only a month. How was our family complete without him? He just fits right in and goes-with-the-flow. So far so good.
His Likes:
Food (bottle and breast milk), being held by anyone, binkies, swaddled
His Dislikes:
Getting dressed, baths, lotioned, hiccups, needing to burp
He needs to burp so much! I will get a good burp out of him after I feed him and then he gets fussy and if I burp him again, it will work. He also spits up a lot so that's no fun for him. He is really easy-going. He still nurses before each feeding and then gets topped-off with formula. He probably only gets an ounce from me. He usually sleeps a good 5-7 hours at night! It's amazing! We put him to bed really late and then he will get up around 5:00 to 7:00. He's the best!

He really is a little automatic sprinkler. For a while there it was every time we changed him but now it's every time he has a bath…love that! ;)

As for the rest of the family, the girls all still adore him and fight to hold him. Easton loves him and says he's his best friend. He struggled there for a little bit at first. He pooped his pants several times before and after I had Caden (Once at a friend's house! So bad!). We've heard that cold showers fix that really well so we decided to try it. Oh boy. He was NOT a fan. He screamed and screamed but he's only had 3 cold showers (2 poop accidents and one pee…he started peeing his pants after he was good with the pooping. It was always something!). Now he says, "I don't want to poop my pants and get a cold shower. I don't like cold showers." I THINK he's golden but I don't want to jinx it quite yet…it's only been a year since we started. :/

Friday, March 6, 2015


I wanted and needed the kids to get out but where do you go in the winter? Shawn's never been to Scheels so I told him he needed to check it out with the kids and I would stay home with Caden. It was great! And I really don't think he's ever taken them all out by himself so it's good for him.

They rode the ferris wheel!

The little scenes they have around the store are great for pictures.
Easton didn't get the memo to act scared, I guess.
It seems they had lots of fun with the signs you hold but in the screen they are an animal or fish. Pretty cool!

I can't tell if Sadie really was hurt in this picture.