Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pocohantas Dance Concert

The dance concert was the last big thing we had going on before the baby comes. I was glad the baby was AFTER the concert since I love watching my girls perform and all the other dancers too. They do such a good show every time.
I made the poster again. I was liked how it turned out.
Thursday was dress rehearsal. My friend took Sadie down and back so I didn't have to go back and forth. Cambree was there longer and someone else was able to bring her home.

 Performance time!

We've NEVER let Easton come to watch. It's just too long. But he was asking to watch them and I warned him how long it was and that he had to sit still. He wanted to go so we let him and he did really good besides getting his foot caught in the seat and crying during Cambree's number. :/

The first night we had lots of people come to support them. Bryce & Jody, Grandma & Grandpa, and Lynnette & Doug. The girls love having people come watch them so it was so nice of them to all come.

 The show ended around 9:00 so Easton was tired! No looking at the camera for him!
 We all went out for frozen yogurt afterward. That cheered him up.
They had a fun chalk wall to draw on.
 Sadie was a cute bear. Her teacher put her right in the middle since she knew the dance well.

I got some good action shots of her.

During the 2nd show, she kept pulling her costume up. Almost the whole time while dancing. It was funny but very distracting! I don't know what her deal was.
There she goes again.

I love watching her curls bounce!
 The next dance was ballet and she was rain. Those costumes were adorable!

Both of Cambree's dances were at the end. She moved up a level this year and wanted to try Jazz. She really liked it. She was an otter. She is in the very back so it was hard getting a good shot of her.

My girls aren't in the number but it's beautiful!

 For her modern dance, she was Smoke.

So light on her feet…they don't even touch the ground. ;)
 She and another girl were the only ones left on stage to finish off the dance. She did great!
 Curtain call!

John Smith is injured and going back to America.
 Cambree was excited she was in the Finale and she got to do the dance with the older girls.

The end…I'm sure with all those pictures you felt like you were there!
The 2nd night, Ryan, Cori and Jordan came to watch. The girls love Jordan so they were excited she was there.