Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cambree turned the Big 9!

Cambree is at such a great age…we are in the golden years with her. I need to enjoy it while it lasts!
Here's a little update on Cambree:
- She likes to match her outfits (sometimes she doesn't match)
- She also likes to do her own hair (or just brush it and not let me touch it)
- Cambree is loving piano lessons and practices all. the. time. I try not to discourage it but sometimes it's a little loud!
- She is very confident and loves that she is so tall. She is even asking for high heels for Christmas so she can be even taller.
- She likes to sing, whether we like it or not (yes, she is confident)
- Cambree says she still likes soccer but her actually playing the sport hasn't convinced me. She's not very aggressive and seems to be in it just to socialize.
- Her very best friend moved to Australia for a year so it's been a little rough getting out of her comfort zone to call up new friends. Yes, she is confident, but not?
- She loves to be in charge and telling people what to do…especially Sadie
- She wants to be a school teacher when she grows up and is already teaching Sadie math and spelling. She even gave her a test and Sadie did well! Cambree must be a great teacher!
- She is very good at doing jobs around the house and I hardly have to ask her twice to do them.
- Cambree still loves school and excels in pretty much everything. She is an amazing speller too.

I love taking my kids out and taking their pictures. Cambree invited Sadie to tag along. I wanted an urban feel so we went downtown Pleasant Grove. I love how these turned out! I think I have the cutest kids but I might be biased. :)

There she is! Looking so grown up! I'm so lucky to be her mom.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cambree's 9th Birthday

Cambree turned 9 on October 6th. It was a Monday and Mondays at our house are busy with dance and choir so we celebrated after she got home from dance and after dinner with just our family. But before that, I bought McD's lunches and took them to the school to eat lunch with Cambree and Easton. I often forget to do that so Cambree loved it! We also went outside to play with her for recess. She didn't seem like she wanted us to be there so we didn't stay long (even though she said she wanted us there).

For dinner, she picked potstickers, broccoli, and kiwi. The kiwi surprised me but whatever. Then, she opened her presents from the family and we had cake and ice cream.
Excuse her dance attire...
She got long socks for her Rainbow Dash costume and My Little Pony earrings.
She got a Barbie movie with a promise to get Rainbow Rocks (My Little Pony) movie since it hadn't come out yet. She also got The Piano Guys new album. 
 She wanted a My Little Pony cake…this was the easiest thing I could find. She loved it.

Make a wish!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

September Mish-mash

School is in full swing and preschool is too and so are the schedules. I love being back to a schedule.
Sadie drew this in preschool. It's a self portrait. He outfit did have yellow buttons on it and I love her triangle nose.
 Yup! My kids have to work outside sometimes. Sadie thought the tree branches were a cool fort.

 Visiting Nicole's twins again! I love it!
I love how they go to sleep all snuggled together.

I tried a funky new hairstyle called the Bubble Ponytail. I liked it. Shawn thought she looked like a dragon.

 I don't know why I took this picture. Maybe because he loves to watch "Sofia the First".
Boxes are the best! Especially with co-op kids! Oh! And this box was from a new toilet we got. Yeah, another unexpected thing to go wrong as we are STILL fixing up our house. The toilet was leaking and it turned out there was a crack in the bowl. What?! How does that happen?
Shawn got to go to the inauguration of the new BYU President. Many apostles were there and so was the prophet. Pretty cool to go to while at work.
 I love these 2 little heads together. He likes to watch Sadie play games. :)
This picture almost looks like there are 2 Eastons. But one is the neighbor, Aubrie. She really wanted to wear Easton's Spiderman jacket.
Yeah, this is how we do Stake Conference. Primary room…only audio and only our family and one other. Good times. I actually get something out of it.
Cambree had to lead the music.
Avery and Easton are starting to be such good friends. They chill on the steps and just talk for a while. It's the cutest thing!

Cambree has found a love for hopscotch. I taught it to them one night for Family Home Evening. When it was her turn for the activity that's what she chose.

Of course, Shawn is good at it when he remembers which number he is on.
 Still working on the house…the pillars are getting encased. They are looking good!

 For preschool they made little apple pies. So impressive!

 Easton said to take a picture of him. He thought he was pretty funny sitting in that.
I get to help in Preschool 2 times a month. It's fun to play with the kids and help out the teacher. They are such cute kids!
Sadie's backpack spot.
 Gorgeous view in her backyard at Preschool.

 The first outfit we bought for our little guy.

 It was "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and you could get a dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme if you dressed up and talked like a pirate. We got there and the line was SO long! Probably a 3 hour line. So we skipped it. The kids looked cute though even though they were disappointed.

22 weeks, baby! I was trying on my new pants and shirt. I don't have much for winter clothes and these white jeans were only $7…probably cuz you aren't supposed to wear white after Labor Day. Oh well!
 More soccer games to watch! The weather has been amazing!

More helping in preschool and doing projects.
My sweet cousin, Claudette, passed away from a long battle with cancer. I was so glad I was able to put my kids in co-op and go to the funeral. so many beautiful things were said about her. The burial was also neat. Her casket was blinged out…just like she always was. Everyone got to sign a card on the balloon and let it go. It was really nice.

Her husband let off the first one.

I love these moments…3 cute bugs in a rug.
They are such goo buddies most of the time. They are enjoying a popsicle while watching me mow the lawn. :)
This weather was not so great. Brinley got to play in the rain! She's the one with the green hoodie.
Now that the General Women's Session has girls 8 and older go, we have made a tradition to go out to dinner beforehand. We went to Cravings Bistro this time. I hadn't been there and it was good gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

I really enjoy going to Nicole's to help with her twins. This time, I got to get my hair done and Sadie was so excited to hold and meet the babies.
September was good but I think I'm ready for Fall to start!