Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ogden Temple Open House

Whenever there is an open house for a temple in Utah, I want to take the kids. It's always such a wonderful experience for them to get a chance to go to the temple and the Ogden Temple was no different. I've never been in the old Ogden Temple but I'm sure it's nothing like how it is now. It's so pretty and looks brand-new!
We were able to get tickets for Labor Day and headed up that morning. The line was LONG! I've never stood in a line that long to go into a temple. But it moved quickly and wasn't bad.
Stinker-bug didn't want to look at the camera!
We passed the time by playing in the fountain.

After the temple, we wanted to meet up with the Healds since we were up that way. We decided to meet at Pizza Pie Cafe. Of course the kids loved it and I just loved talking to Donell and Colin. I wish we lived closer to them. :/

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

August MishMash

The summer went by WAY too fast! Here's what we did to finish it off!
August 3rd is our anniversary. Shawn got my yummy BYU fudge. He used to get chocolate covered nuts at the U…I'll take the fudge. 13 years! We went to our favorite Thai restaurant and went to a the new Tom Cruise movie, "The Edge of Tomorrow". We didn't do much since our house is costing us a lot more than we thought. :/
Easton had fun "helping" Shawn work on the wainscoting. It's coming along…slowly but surely!
We saw Mater in Spanish Fork!
It seems like I just went to Krystal's Bridal shower and now I'm going to her baby shower…well she did just get married last summer so I did just go to her bridal shower. :) It's always a good time hanging out with old roommates…Krystal and Amber.
This summer the girls have been OBSESSED with HGTV. Cambree designed this patio. I thought that was pretty cute.
Shawn got to go on a short trip for work to BYU Idaho. He was super impressed with the campus and their new conference center which looked almost identical (just a little smaller) to the conference center in Salt Lake. He even got to go up on the catwalk!

 They also toured the tunnels underneath.

We hadn't been to Discovery Park all summer, so we decided to go there last-minute one lazy afternoon.
Just trying to beat the heat with popsicles.
We brought Ashlie along to hang out with Brinley.

He was pulling faces at me!
Some selfies on my phone…this wasn't nearly all of them.
Easton wanted to play dress-up with Sadie. She put him in one of Cambree's dance costumes. He even has ballet fingers. ;)
Sadie's go-to pose.
My belly just popped out this week. I was probably about 19 weeks.
We went to Salt Lake for The Legacy Study that the girls are involved in. They all love to go and play on their iPads and Brinley and Cambree get gift cards.
These 2 are so cute playing together while I mow the lawn.
They wanted me to take a picture of them doing who-knows-what.
As soon as I pull out my mixing bowl, these 2 come running to help me bake. In this case, I made Hello Dollies for the Ward Bake Sale.
Our ward was having a HUGE yard sale to donate the money to a center for foster children. It needed an update to the building. Well, the forecast that weekend was rainy and cold all weekend. Ugh. But what do you do when you've planned and planned and advertised? We had to go through with it. So we tired sorting the evening before and then the rain came! It was not letting up so we called it a night and to come sort early the next morning. At 5 a.m. it was still raining and by 6:00 it was still raining. Meagan (who was heading up the whole thing) sent out an email to pray for the rain to stop. At 6:17, the rain stopped. It was sunny and beautiful all morning until we loaded the last box of leftover stuff and then it started hailing! It was an answer to our prayers that's for sure. And the yard sale was a success despite all the craziness.
We had to move all the clothes into the garages.
That night the Curtises invited us to go out on a double date. We didn't know quite what to do, so we ended up at The Purple Turtle. Heather was so funny about it. She kept saying how it was so momentous that she was there. It was her first time there.
The banana split was amazing! You could pick 3 different flavors with toppings. It was awesome!
It was finally time for Brinley's cast to come off! She was excited and a little nervous to get it off. The saw that the doctor uses doesn't cut the skin but it does get hot. She flinched a couple times cuz it was getting hot. She actually got a small blister. So he did get her, poor thing! But we're glad it's off!

The day before Sadie's birthday, my mom came and brought us all lunch. Tiff and Avery came over too. McD's for the kids and Kneaders for us. :) She gave her an Elsa dress. Now she wants to be Elsa for Halloween.

More help in the kitchen!
The ward softball team got to the regional semi-finals. They didn't have their best players show up to the last game and lost. It's fun watching him play! Although he thinks he's younger than he actually is or something. Our brother-in-law, David, asked him to play flag football and he pulled his hamstring. It was hurting him for a LONG time. He couldn't really work on the house either. Quite frustrating. He tried going to the chiropractor and then started thinking it was arthritis and tried some other things but nothing was working. Finally he got a new office chair at work and that seemed to take care of it!
He almost always hit home runs.
Nicole had her twins!! It was a bit traumatic since she got the flu in the hospital and she had a c-section. It was the worst-case scenario. So sad. But the baby girls got here safely and are healthy and a good size. I was happy to come the next morning and take pictures even though Nicole was puking. :/
More dressing up for Easton!
William thought it was funny. :)
For Labor Day, we took all the kids to the $1 movie to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. Easton did well again! I think we are turning a corner here!
I did Nicole's twins photo session. I've never done twins before I knew it could be tough. Jody came with me to help and I was so glad she did! I was there for 4 hours and could've gone longer if I didn't need to get back home to take Brinley to choir. Jalisa had a hard time sleeping while Jalynn was a rockstar! But what I got was good enough!
This kid thought he was funny trying on Cambree's shoes.
I was out watching Sadie ride her bike and Easton said "Take a picture of me!" So I did.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sadie's 5 Year Old Photo Shoot

My Sadie Lady. She is still just so happy and loves life. People comment how happy she is. I love it!
What has she been up to this year:
-Her speech is slowly getting better, but she still struggles. When I have her correct a word, she says "I just can't say it!" but she will keep saying it until she can get it (usually).
-After a lot of consideration, we decided to keep Sadie back and not put her in Kindergarten. She is already reading (which none of my other kids were before Kindergarten) but with her speech and many of her other friends will be going in next year, we decided to hold her back. Shawn says we probably won't regret holding her back but would regret putting her in if she happened to struggle.
-She is still taking dance and loves it. Although she wants to be in Anna's class (her friend in dance last year). I kept her in the lower class so she will be with the other girls in her grade.
-She is doing soccer again but seems to be not as aggressive. I don't know if it's because she is playing with Kindergartners and the boys are more aggressive or what. She says she likes it but doesn't show it.
-She is a little daredevil all of the sudden. She likes to do "tricks" and balance on things. The other day, she was on our swing set and was hanging on the top bar (where the swings hang from) and flipped upside-down and around. She landed on the crossbar above the ground. I told her not to do that again. We will see!
-She's slightly obsessed with Frozen and can sing pretty much the whole "Let it Go" song…maybe all the words but not how you pronounce them. But what little girl can't?
-She's SUPER independent and wants to do EVERYTHING herself. It's pretty amazing some of the stuff she does.
-Sometimes she puts herself to bed which is awesome!

For her photo session, I bought her this outfit for her birthday. I loved the ruffle pants. :) But I didn't know where to go until I saw these giant sunflowers off the side of the road. Perfect!

 I was getting my settings set up on my camera and she started singing. It was adorable!

 And a little blooper…I don't even know why she was looking surprised.
 We sure love our sweet girl!