Sunday, September 28, 2014

Viva Las Vegas!!! Hancock Family Reunion ~ Day 1

Pina Lost Vegas! That's how Sadie said it. She said you get lost when you go to Vegas. Yup! We were going to Vegas for a family reunion in AUGUST! I was sure we would literally melt. I bought bottled water and had many plans to just sit by the pool.
First stop, was to get grandma and grandpa. We tried tricking them and telling them we were going the night before so she wouldn't ruin her trip by staying up all night packing. 5:00 the day before, she told us she just wasn't ready and we would have to go the next day and she stayed up until 2:30 a.m. packing. Ugh. So didn't work. Shawn drove their van and I drove ours to Payson since Bryce was driving Barbara in their van. Bryce's car was having issues. We drove Larry in our car.
And they STILL weren't ready when we got there so the kids played around in the wagon. Sorry…that's one of my pet peeves is to not be late and to leave on time!
And we're off! Easton couldn't get enough of these Veggie Straws.
Ryan told us about a cheese factory in Beaver. Whey haven't we ever heard of it?! We had to check it out to get some curd.
They had samples. And don't you love Larry's hat?! He looked so cute in it.
There was ice cream too!
Well the rest of the trip was uneventful. (Thank goodness! Memories of spring break were flooding back.) We made it to Val and Sarah's with time to help with dinner and play around.

Easton is definitely a fan of air hockey.
That night on the agenda was Conrad's baptism. It was nice to have the whole family there. (Ryan and Cori weren't…they were coming Friday morning because Jordan had basketball.)

The kids sang "I am a Child of God". Easton was good and even sang some parts.
All the grandkids!
The proud family.
Back at the house, Conrad got to open some gifts.
Then, we had our nightly family prayer and pow-wow and went to bed early since the next day was an early one.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Melanie & Casey's Visit

Melanie and Casey were able to come to Utah a few days early before the Hancock Family Reunion in Vegas. They stayed at our house which was great so Casey and Cambree would have plenty of time to play.
They had trouble getting off so they came a day later than planned and arrived Sunday evening. Monday we just hung out and Melanie took us out to dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe (of course!). It's a family favorite!

On Tuesdays they play new movies at cheaper prices so we went to see the new Planes movie "Fire and Rescue". I haven't taken Easton to a movie in a long time so I was prepared with lots of snacks. I only had to take him out once and he did well sitting on Melanie's lap too for long periods of time. It worked out surprisingly well!
On Wednesday, we went to Ryan's pool to swim. Easton LOVES slides at the park and this one was no different! He went up and down it by himself. I LOVE those floaties!

 All the cousins came over for some swim time too. It was a pool-full!
Lynnette realized she wouldn't be able to go to the 7 Brides for 7 Brothers show and offered her tickets to us. Yes! We wanted to go! I got a sitter for Easton and the rest of us went. I figured Cambree and Sadie would love the love story with all the brides and the dancing. I was right! They loved it! Since then, we have watched the movie, which they loved too. It's fun taking them to cultural events and seeing them enjoy it.

Cambree was getting impatient for the show to start.
Friday, Melanie spent shopping for shirts for her mom and dad for the family picture in Vegas. I don't think we did much of anything that day. She also had to pick up Moe from the airport late that night. Shawn went with her but I went to bed since it was so late.
Saturday, we went to the Grandparents house to swim. Melanie had to do some shopping/returning but Moe and Casey joined us. The water was warm and we had a great time!

Shawn needed goggles…I don't think they fit. :)
After the pool, we came home and got showered and ready to go out to dinner and a movie with the adults. Brinley babysat the kids and Casey. We went to Rib City. It was yummy. Layne and Breanne joined us with their new baby (yeah, I'm a great aunt!). Ryan and Cori joined for dinner but had to do something for church and couldn't stay for the movie. We saw "Guardians of the Galaxy". It's not really my thing but it was pretty good. Some of the older cousins came too since they wanted to see it. Jody couldn't join us either cuz she had a talk to prepare for church.
Sunday we had a BBQ dinner at the parent's house after church. That's about it! Monday, Melanie and Moe left for Vegas. We were heading there on Wednesday.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Harry's Ranch

The Davis side of the family hasn't had an extended family reunion in years. They decided to have one this year on a Saturday afternoon at Harry's Ranch in Salem, where we've always had them. I told Shawn to stay home and work on the house and I would take the girls (Easton was napping).
We used to swim in the pond but in the rush of leaving, I forgot to bring their suits. Bummer. So we talked to a few people (most people I didn't know), played on the playground, and relaxed in the treehouse. My aunt and uncle from Texas and Nevada were there so that was good to see them.

The girls put on a little show for us at the treehouse.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

July Mish-Mash

July seems like we did a whole lotta nothin…but I guess we did do something cuz I have lots of pics!
I've been wanting to take the kids to this swimming pond that I've heard about that had sand to play in. I knew they'd love it but they never wanted to go. We got invited to go with friends so I MADE the kids go. :) Turns out, they loved it just like I thought!
Brinley and her friend Ashlie
A mama and her ducklings.
Whoa. They are stylish.

I didn't mind relaxing in the shade of my umbrella. This is as close as I'll get to the beach this summer.
Our cute neighbor girls hosted a Princess tea party for the girls that they babysit. How cute is that?! My girls were so excited to go and dressed up. They had little heart sandwiches, freeze dance, a princess game, and watched a Barbie movie. I was surprised Cambree wanted to go but she said she had a fun time!
This month, the girls had their swim lessons. I decided to try lessons at a house in Cedar Hills. I'd heard great things about them so I thought I'd try it and I didn't want to wrestle Easton at the AF pool. I knew he'd be hard. He was a little difficult but not too bad once I pulled my phone out. :)
The girls were worked hard! They swam back and forth doing their different strokes. Then they practiced diving which neither of them can do.

Sadie had the teacher all to herself! I didn't even pay for private lessons so that was a plus! She learned a lot and I could see lots of improvement with her.

Shawn took the girls to a BYU Men's soccer game. It was a tie game until they left and the other team scored. Oh well. They had a fun time on their "date".

Pedicure time! For our birthdays, Nicole and I get pedicures! She's is pregnant with twins and definitely needed it. We went to lunch afterwards to Blue Lemon. I love that we do this every summer.

We match!
Such a mess with her smores!
Cambree had a bubble activity for Activity Days.

He just looked cute with Brinley's headphones.
The kids wanted to slip n slide. Easton has always been scared of it but this time he was in it! He just couldn't slide. :)

Brinley really wanted to mow the lawn. Yay!! But she hasn't done it since. Boo!

Ward Softball has been going on this summer. Shawn LOVES it and drops everything to go. I remember this game was the day I came home from Youth Conference. I was pretty tired still but these two just got dirty and were good…except when they had to share a chair.

Oh boy…selfies are quite the thing these days...
I did a family shoot up at Silver Lake. I'd never been up there before and it was gorgeous! I saw a moose and her baby on my way out. So neat!
Nicole really needed a break so I had her girls over for the afternoon. They love to put soap on the tramp and slip slide around!

We had one last activity putting together the kits from Girls Camp. This project was so rewarding!
I got a big canvas printed of our family pictures from the spring. Oh! I LOVE my wall!!
So…Brinley broke her arm. We were loading the car after swimming lessons and I forgot Easton's sippy cup. I asked Cambree to run back and get it and she refused. So Brinley offered to get it and ran fast cuz she was mad at Cambree for not getting it. She jumped over a puddle in her flip flops and fell. She cried but when I helped her up, she put some weight on her arm so I didn't think it was broken or anything. Just maybe sprained. We had to go straight to Nicole's for haircuts and told her to buck up. I'm so nice. :) The next day was Pioneer Day and was still hurting her. She wore my arm brace but I was starting to suspect it was broken. I didn't want to pay after-hours fees so we waited until the next day to go in. Our doctor was still gone (it was a Friday) so we went to one that they recommended. He looked at it and sent us to get it x-rayed. Yup. Broken in 2 places! I couldn't believe it! He said it couldn't be casted yet cuz it was still swollen and gave us a splint and to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to get it casted. Uh, no it wasn't. I was pretty certain our doctor would've done it right then. In fact, I called on Monday to get an appointment for maybe Tuesday but said it would be nice to get in ASAP. She we went in on Monday and he casted it and said he probably would've done it on Friday if he was in. Our doctor is older and has more experience than this other guy. I just love our doc. Now, we just have to finish our summer with a cast on! At least it's waterproof but it still won't stop the stinking. :) She will get it off after the first week of school.
I took her to lunch after getting her cast on. I felt bad for not thinking it was broken and to buck up. :/
Shawn and I had a date and went to the temple. It was so nice. We hadn't gone for awhile. We got dinner at a new place people have recommended called Mountain West Burrito. The burritos were HUGE! Finally! A place Shawn can't complain about the size!

We haven't been to 7 Peaks much but Brinley broke her arm…oh well. We didn't want that to stop us. She just had to sign a waiver to ride certain rides. She still only had her splint on but we wanted to be careful. We planned to meet up with my family too. It kinda worked out. My parents live kinda far so we were only with them for about an hour or 2. But it was still fun!

We had a crazy down pour one afternoon. The kids were in awe. We had the door open and then the wind shifted and the rain started coming inside!
We had MORE water leaking out of somewhere in our utility room. We called to have someone come fix it and a tube was leaking in the furnace so thankfully it wasn't a huge fix. We've had so many things go wrong on our house and cars since spending all our money on our flooring. It's a little tight but we will survive.
I've been trying to visit my grandma at the care center every month this summer. It was the last few days of July so we squeezed in a visit. It was just a few days before her 90th birthday so that was perfect. I had packed a lunch and it was lunch time so we ate in a private room off the dining area so the kids could be crazy and not disturb the residents. My Aunt Terrie was there visiting from Texas so it was fun talking to her too.

Her place is so nice! It's like a 5 star hotel! We enjoyed sitting out on the porch for our visit.
After our visit, I planned to go bowling. When we got there, the wait was 2 hours!!! What?!! So we left and I bought them snow cones on the way home. They were pretty sad but they cheered up with a treat.
Easton got Lighting McQueen flavor!
Brinley wouldn't have been able to bowl very well with a cast anyway.

Red snow cone tongue!
We made it home in time for him to get a late nap. He was wiped out! And, yeah, we need to get rid of that binky soon!