Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Girls Camp (Day 3 & 4)

The next day (Thursday) was rotations. We had the challenge course first and couldn't get anywhere on time so our time was short. We split up in different groups and did a game and then went to the blind walk where they hold on to a rope and try to make it to the end.

Then we put together kits for the service project the Stake put together for Days for Girls. It's a wonderful organization that puts feminine hygiene kits for girls in Africa. When they are on their period they can't even go to school so they miss lots of school. With these kits they won't miss school anymore. It's been wonderful sewing and working on them with the girls and leaders and to see them all get put in kits was awesome!
Then we went outside to play! They had a giant parachute, a football field, and tug-o-war. They had a blast!
We had lunch with the whole stake while we listened to Mrs. Holland (Jeffery R Holland's daughter-in-law. She is the wife of the President of UVU and Elder Holland's son). She talked about education and how important it is for girls to get their education. She was great!
Then, it was lake time in the canoes!

 And then an Amazing Race game.
And Ride that Horse...

After that, we were pooped. The bishopric were coming for dutch oven dinner. We helped with the yummy dinner.

After dinner, it was to a fireside by Sister Dalton!! We get to the gathering and there was no Sis. Dalton. Her car overheated and they had to tow it home and drive a different car so she would be about an hour late. The Stake thought it would be cool to welcome her with all the girls lined up and singing the Come Unto Christ song we've been learning. When she finally came, she got out of her car and walked the mile up the amphitheater with the girls following and singing. It was amazing. We were all getting choked up. Then, she spoke as it rained off and on. Afterward, hundreds of girls wanted to meet her. She would give each of them a hug, look into their faces, and give them words of encouragement. It was awesome to witness. She had a beautiful spirit about her. I loved that so many girls wanted to meet her. Then, it was testimony meeting. It was so late but almost every girl wanted to bear their testimonies, one after another. The Spirit was so strong. I was grateful to be there to witness it all.

 The next morning it was time for graduation and packing up! Part-ay!

I was so grateful I was able to go the whole time. My mom and Mandy watched my kids while I was gone and Angie came for a visit the day before I got back so I had a houseful when I came back! Luckily I was still able to take a shower and crash for the afternoon.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Girls Camp (Day 2)

We got to wake up early to head out for the different hikes.
Crazy sisters!
I got to go on the 4th Year Hike to Scout Falls. I was to help one of our girls hike it (she has Downs Syndrome). It was a beautiful hike but she had a bit of trouble making it. We did LOTS of persuading but she did it!

 I finally went ahead with some of the girls that wanted to spend some time at the falls. They were refreshing!

 We had a little devotional at a clearing. Such a beautiful view!

After the hike I was exhausted! We had some free time and I wanted to crash…but I heard the Stake had set up a giant slip-n-slide. That was my chance to get a shower! (We didn't have water up at camp…yeah, flushing the toilets with a bucket was interesting.) They even had soap to get you all slippery to go down. I talked some of the leaders to go with me. None of the girls wanted to go. What the? It was a blast!
 Natalie was big and pregnant. It was fun to see her go down.

After that, we hurried to skit practice and then made dinner. 
Then we had to get all beautified for skit night!

Chocolate for the leaders!
Skit time! There were so many fun skits! Ours was a So You Think You Can Art? with the different works of art. It turned out great!

Then it was back to camp with singing time (at the top of their lungs!) and bed.
We had a huge leader tent! It was fun to all be together but I didn't stay up to talk, I was wiped out!

I was in charge of this tent of girls. They were so fun! Their tent mom got them all sleeping masks.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Girls Camp!! (Day 1)

I don't know what it is with me but I love Girls Camp! It makes me feel young or something. I was a little nervous about going and only being a few weeks along (oh yeah! I'm pregnant! More on that later) because I was so tired…but at girls camp you are so going so much I didn't have time to get pregnant! We started everything off with a Camp Kickoff activity. We had an awesome speaker who has dealt with many challenges being in a wheelchair and other health issues. She was great! Then, the leaders did a song and dance called "Do You Want to Go to Girls Camp?" to the tune of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" Yeah, we made fools of ourselves. Then, we practiced the dance for our skit.
(I know there's too many pictures! I was the official photographer so I have tons of pics for the slideshow I put together.)
I had a little "mud" on my face for the skit. :)
We got up bright and early to pack up and head up the Canyon to Mutual Dell for the Stake Girls Camp. We were excited!
We got there and unloaded and setup our tents. Then we were off to an "assembly". The theme was University of You. Each ward had a subject and a value. Ours was Art and Virtue. We had fun with the gold color and crafting away! Our ward's little theme was The Art of Being You. We had the biggest ward there!
Of course there are the camp songs were you make fools of yourself!
Then our ward got time to do the zip line. Everyone did it! (except the leaders, we were too busy helping.)
That night was the Faith Walk. The theme was The Ten Virgins. We walked along the trail and women were either faithful or covetous, or selfish, or whatever. It was really neat. Then a member of the Stake Presidency spoke and we went back with our lanterns lit. Loved it!
 Our old bishop was telling us about the faith walk.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bean Museum

Since Shawn works at BYU, I thought it would be fun to go to the newly remodeled Bean Museum on campus. It was nice and the kids enjoyed it. The only downside was trying to find parking.

 This exhibit was Boyd K. Packer's art. I didn't know he was such a fine artist.

 They even had a little play area. Easton was so glad to be out of his stroller!

Afterward, we picked up Shawn and went to the duck pond for a picnic. It's fun to see him during the day. The kids had a blast chasing ducks and seagulls.
Loved this day.