Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Brinley's Birthday Week

Brinley's birthday was on a Wednesday and we were doing a family party this year. We had something planned for the weekend, but on her birthday, she for sure wanted to go to BYU to the Canon Center to eat again. We picked up Shawn from work and met some of his nice co-workers. One of them even gave Brinley a BYU shirt. Sweet!
First up, was Easton's and my hair appointment. It was time!
 Half way done...
 So short! So handsome!

After that, we didn't have much planned until it was time to go down to BYU. We got Shawn and walked down to the Canon Center.
We forgot that it's EFY down there so TONS of kids were there when we showed up. Luckily, they were out of there pretty quickly.
 That's a BIG cinnamon roll you got there, Brin!
 The kids were stuffed!
Then it was time to go home and open presents. She is certainly growing up and wanted clothes, sandals, and a watch.

That weekend was a benefit concert for a teen in our ward who's been going through some medical issues. Divine Comedy was doing their show and donating all the money to them! Divine Comedy also has Studio C actors so the girls were SO excited to go! They are HUGE fans of the show. We thought it was the perfect outing for Brinley's bday.
It was a pretty good show with glo sticks and fun skits. Afterwards, a bunch of people were going up to meet them and get pictures. Brinley was too shy and didn't want to but eventually I got her (& Cambree) to jump in a picture with a bunch of girls from our ward.
 See? There's Stacy and Steven from Studio C!
 I had to get my picture with them too! ;)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

End of School Summer Par-tay!

Brinley and Cambree talked me into have a party when school got out. I told them that I wouldn't be planning any of it and that they would have to run the party. They could each invite 5 friends. I was feeling tired so I didn't want to have to run or plan anything. I did make a treat or two though. That was fine. :) Well, they totally took care of things! I just had to tell them when it was time to rotate since Brinley had all these activities planned.
They did a water balloon toss.
 Then, they did the Slip n Slide.
The hit of the party was probably dish soap on the trampoline. They loved it! We ended up needed to have Cambree's friends on and then Brinley's friends because it was just too many kids!
After that, some of them washed off in the dirty cooler water...ew...
 Then it was treat time! These girls can really put down those sweets!
Brinley was really excited about a Werewolf game she learned. It was kind of like Mafia. Some of the girls liked it and some went back outside to play. It was a little hard to understand because it had so many rules.
 All in all, I think it was a hit!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

May MishMash

The summer is flying by and I've almost blogged the start of it. Oh well. That's just they way it goes!
Let's start with the remodeling projects:
Our paintable wallpaper turned out fabulous!! I absolutely love it! Now I just need to decorate the place. Help!
This was our room while the other rooms got carpeted. We did it in 2 different days so we wouldn't have to move EVERYTHING to the garage. We did the kids' rooms upstairs, the living room and family room. Then the next day, they did our room and the hallway. And I don't have an after picture of the carpet put it looks and feels 10X's better!
While we were rearranging furniture, Easton fell and either cut his head on the edge of the tile or the bookshelf. It's up for debate. The girls were downstairs watching him and started freaking out when they saw all the blood and Easton almost fainted from holding his breath and crying (he STILL does that! It freaks me out!)
Since it was in his hair, we super glued it shut. So professional. :) We put too much on and it kind of clumped and was bothering him when he slept so we wrapped up his head. Then, he slept all night. Crazy kid.
I'm not such a good mom as I used to be but I finally let the kids watercolor. I can't even remember the last time they've done that. These deprived younger kids sometimes get the short-end of the stick.
I made a St. Patrick's Day decoration! A canvas! I love it!
Sadie made this cute art project in preschool. The umbrellas are cupcake wrappers. See? I don't need to be artsy when they go to preschool!
We had to pick up for running packets for the Hippie Run at Cabella's. So we made an afternoon of it with our friends. The kids were running around like crazy but they had fun!

Feeding the fish is always a good time!
So is the shooting gallery!
It seems like as soon as you start spending your money on not-so-necessary things (well getting new flooring kinda was), other things start falling apart. Our garage door opener's spring snapped. We didn't know it and had a repairman come and fix it. Then, our bathroom faucet started leaking. My dad was here for our little Mother's Day celebration and took a look at it. He said it was rusted and we needed a new faucet. Happy Mother's Day to me. A new faucet. It is pretty though.
My babies...
You know you have children in the house when you find cars in the plants.
For Activity Days, we had a Mother-Daughter Picnic at the church. We had picnic food, figured our riddles (Brinley LOVED that!) and played dodgeball. It's so fun doing those activities with my girls.
Whew! This Saturday in May was quite the marathon. BYU sports were going around doing a little carnival-type thing and they came to Cedar Hills. Cambree had a game so we couldn't go so Shawn took the other 3. They had a blast meeting players and getting their posters signed.
They got to meet Bronco!
And the cheerleaders!
They got their faces painted too!
Meanwhile, it was Cambree's last game. Her coach had medals for all of them and called her and her friend Kaylie the Twin Towers...they are both blonde and tall.

Cambree was so sad she missed all the fun so we took her by the park just as they were packing up. They gave her a sticker and we took a picture in front of the big truck.
After that, I rushed over to my BFF's TWIN baby shower! She got LOTS of diapers that will probably last a month as well as lots of clothes for her baby girls coming in August probably.
Brinley had a big Wax Museum project due a week before school got out. What the? It was stressful getting her report written, props, and her costume ready. She was Florence Nightengale and luckily my mom had the perfect costume.
There goes my little pioneer walking to school!
She had to memorize a little speech that she gave probably 2,000 times whenever people would push her "button".
Later that day, we had reservations to see The Sacred Gifts exhibit at the BYU Museum. But first, we met Shawn after work and went to the Canon Center to eat at their yummy buffet. Things have sure changed since Shawn was at BYU! The kids were in heaven getting any and all the food they wanted and their dessert bar is pretty awesome. (Easton was left at home with a sitter. We didn't want to tackle the museum with him.)

The exhibit was awesome and the paintings were amazing. I loved reading about them and why the artist painted it they way they did.
These were all the paintings in the exhibit.
Sometimes your kids just look so peaceful you just have to take a picture...but it's usually when they are either asleep or watching TV.
Brinley is quite the artist! She did a great job filling in the other half of her face.
I love hearing Sadie read to Easton.
Almost every morning, Easton calls for me to get him out of his crib. If I don't come soon enough, then he calls for Sadie. She goes in and entertains him for a while. It's pretty cute.
For Memorial Day, we didn't have anything really to do. So we weighed our options and finally decided to go to my parent's house in Tooele. When we got to Draper, our van started overheating. (See what I mean about things going wrong and costing more $$$! Turns out, our radiator had a crack in it. We had to buy a new one.) I swear we bought a lemon! It's barely a year old and we've spent well over $1,000 on the van in repairs. Well, the kids were SO sad about not being able to go to Grandma's (except Easton, I guess). I tried thinking of ways to make it up to them but they all involved driving. I think we settled on a movie night. Lame.
Then, we got an invite to a neighborhood BBQ. That helped smooth the mood too.
Also towards the end of school, Cambree had a Reader's Theater. She was so excited for me to come and watch. She was the narrator and even had some of her lines memorized. She did great!
It's the end of the season for Sadie's soccer too. She loved it! I guess we will be doing it again next year.
First day of school and last day of school! They haven't changed too much thank goodness!
The Primary had popsicles after school when the kids got out. There, I heard about some families going up the canyon to go camping. My kids have been asking to go camping so I thought it would be a perfect time to go!

I packed most of the day and after Shawn got home from work, we headed up there to roast our hot dogs for dinner and set up camp. It was fun having friends to camp with. We already told Brinley she could go to a party so we let her stay home and went back to pick her up after it was over at 10:00.
The kids had fun exploring. I thought we were going to loose Easton though. It made me realize I didn't want to go camping next to a river or something.
About 3 a.m. Easton woke up and we couldn't find his binky. Dang! I knew we should've brought another one for him and he really shouldn't even have it...we will work on that soon. So, it took him a while to go back to sleep and he actually wouldn't go to sleep without being next to me. So I didn't sleep so well the rest of the night and my back wasn't doing so good in the morning.
A guy in our group reserved the zipline in the morning. Yay! All the kids did it (except Easton). They loved it! I was proud of them for doing it. We had to hurry back to Brinley's last soccer game but it was worth it!
Brinley has been with this soccer team for 3 or 4 years. It's been great! We hope she'll be on it again!
After her game, I had to go to Salt Lake to Shawn's nephew's wife's baby shower. Lynnette went all out with the food. She made the watermelon into a baby carriage and deviled eggs into a baby in a carriage. I'm sure she was up all night making everything.
Then, I had to hurry over to my cousin's bridal shower. It was a shower day!

And this last gem is of Brinley using my lens owl to make Avery laugh when I did their family pictures. It didn't work. :)

Looking back, May was pretty crazy but we made it through and had a good time doing it!