Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Easter Festivities 2014

After our trip it was time to get ready for Easter! Our house was a mess with still getting the tile put in. It took 4 days longer than they said. I tried to stay out of the house too for almost a day since the grout needed 24 hours to dry. Kind of a pain but I can't complain because we are getting new floor and that's a blessing.
Anyway, so no decorating or anything too special for Easter. We did dye Easter eggs the day before and went to the annual city egg hunt.
Easton was really into dying eggs. He wanted to do it all himself and was cracking and dropping eggs. Ugh. Independence is a love/hate relationship with kids.

Jordan, Cambree's friend, was moving to Australia for a year the next day. I figured they probably wouldn't be dying Easter eggs so we had her over to dye some.

On Easter Sunday, the kids woke up and found their Easter egg baskets.
Brinley got some Sunday shoes she desperately needed. Her feet are growing so fast. They are almost as big as mine.
 Easton got a Mater Tall Tales DVD.
 Cambree got new shoes too. I bought them for our family pictures. I'm so tricky.
 Sadie got the Frozen DVD. She was SO excited!

Just before church, Cambree went over one last time to Jordan's house to say goodbye before they got on the plane later that day. She sure is going to miss her!
Then, we took pictures in our Easter outfits. It's been a while since I bought new outfits for the kids. But I figured I had a good excuse. Many were used for family pictures.

 Easton was so handsome in his new vest.

 Cambree's dress is "new" from her cousin Claudia.
And Brinley's top is new for….you guessed it! Family pictures!

I posted this on Facebook. Cambree and Sadie are such posers! Our front tree was loosing it's blossoms but it was still pretty.
That night we did a little egg hunt in our backyard. Cambree wanted to hide the eggs so I got to search for them. I haven't done that in a while! Easton was having fun finding the eggs. He just wanted to sit down and eat the candy and not search for more eggs.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spring Break - Arizona Day 7 & 8

It was finally time to leave. Angie still hadn't had her baby. Maybe now she would since the craziness is gone…well, for sure she will! She can't be pregnant forever!!
We were just going to Vegas so it wouldn't be such a long drive. We left around lunch time so the kids got to play outside and some games with their cousins before we left.

Evelynn and Sadie were having fun making concoctions for my mom.
My mom stayed with the Pattersons so it was a much more comfortable drive without all the seats being full.
We got to Val & Sarah's house around dinner time. The kids were dying to go in the pool but it was cold so after dinner they played in the hot tub.
 In the morning, they played some more in the hot tub and then it was time to leave. I was anxious to get home and see my new flooring that wasn't done like it was supposed to be done. Grrr.

 Tyson was a good babysitter while I packed the van.

Not even an hour out of Vegas, we hit spring break traffic. Construction. We thought it was an accident because we saw an ambulance and 13 cop cars. Then the van started to overheat. I turned off the AC, turned on the heat, and we rolled down the windows. It was still rising. I thought we'd have to pull over and then it started merging moving better and we were good. Then, we hit more construction traffic. Not as bad this time but the car was overheating again. When we passed that traffic, I wasn't totally convinced we were out of it because we still hadn't seen where all those cop cars went. Just out of Mesquite, we were at a dead-stop on the freeway in traffic. No one was moving. The car was overheating again so I turned it off. We couldn't roll down the windows because there were bees flying all around our car! We were dying! The kids did really well but were getting very restless now. Finally, the cars started moving slowly. We saw a helicopter flying around and then tons of cars and trucks parked off the road. Cop cars were everywhere. Men on horses were riding hard out into the desert. There were TV crews and protestors. I called Shawn to get the scoop. It was about some guy using Federal land and people were protesting about it. Are you kidding me?!!! I was SO mad!! Some people are so inconsiderate!! All this traffic made our trip 4 hours longer! The kids were in the car for 10 hours that day and it was supposed to be 6. We stopped in Mesquite for a potty break and to get the kids ice cream for being so good in the car. I couldn't believe how miserable that was.

The rest of the trip was, thankfully, uneventful. We dropped of Tiff and Avery in Provo and were exhausted when we got home. Looking back at this trip, I kinda sorta wished we didn't go. Being with my sister and brother was fun but pretty much the whole reason we went was to see her new baby…which is never a guarantee. Before leaving, I felt like we shouldn't go but I thought it was because the kids were sick. Shawn told me not to go but I thought it would be perfect to get the flooring done while we were gone and I had the travel bug and had to get out! But the most frustrating thing about the whole trip is that Easton has regressed with potty training. He did great on the trip until that last day traveling home. Since our trip (now almost 2 months later), Easton goes a few days dry and being awesome but then pees and POOPS his pants. He's pooped his pants 3 times at soccer games and twice at coop. I feel like I can't take him anywhere. I don't know what the summer is going to be like if we can't go anywhere. It's the worst.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring Break - Arizona Day 5 & 6

Good morning! I had the best night for my back that night at J.J.'s house sleeping on his Love Sac. It was amazing…Easton, on the other hand, woke up at 2:30 ready to get up. It look him about an hour of me going back in to get him back asleep. What a stinker.
 Kristy made blueberry pancakes for all of us and these two wanted to help, of course!

After we all got ready for the day, we headed over to the nearby ghost town. I was SO excited to go there. It's been on my bucket list. I kinda wanted to go to a ghost town that wasn't so touristy but it was fun to do some of the things they had there. I'm sure you can tell how much I loved it with all the pictures I took!

 Isn't this so cool?!! I was loving it..even though it was 90 degrees!

 Sadie sat up by this guy and said, "Hi Daddy!" It was pretty funny.
 All the cousins (except Avery)…happy or sad.
 LOVED this green building. This is where the women stayed while the men mined.

 Easton found a train!
 Lock the kids up!

 I like the Jail Rules.

 Going to church.
 This was an outhouse. The guy in there scared the kids.
 I took a few pictures of Gage and Sadie wanted in.
Next up, was the train station. Kristy and Tiffany took the little ones on the train ride while J.J., Justus, Brinley, Cambree, and I went to The Mystery Shack.

Tiff said Easton was loving the train ride and did pretty good. (Easton and Sadie are holding hands! I love it!)
Tiff took these pictures for me on the train ride.

The Mystery Shack was built and supposedly there was an earthquake and made the house slip on the hill. Weird things happen in the house like water going up instead of down and a ball rolling the opposite way you would think.

The chandelier is tilted (or looks that way) and the pool balls all rolled to the top right hole. It looked like they were rolling up.
 The broom standing up by itself was crazy.
 Cambree had a hard time trying to get off that chair. Some people almost lost their balance.
These birds were nesting in this cool cactus tree.
They played in the dirt while waiting for us to be done with the Mystery Shack.
After the ghost town, we got some ice cream and headed back to Prescott. Angie was still pregnant so we didn't miss the birth. I was excited because she was going to let me take pictures of her birth, but disappointed that it didn't seem like anything was progressing. Poor girl.

When we got home, it was dinner time and then bath time. The kids were dirty! Avery HATES baths but didn't mind them with her buddies. This is blackmail for the future. :)
More foosball!
The next day, I really wanted to go to Watson Lakes. Last time we were in Prescott, we just drove by it and it looked so fun to hike around. So we packed lunches and took off. Colden and Dylan had a morning class to go to so Angie and the boys met up with us for a picnic later.

So gorgeous! The weather was a little hot but not too bad. The kids loved "bouldering" and hiking around. Easton kept trying to free his hand and run off. Too scary to do that, little one.

 Once we got by the lake, the kids just wanted to throw/skip rocks.

 After the hike, we played at the park and had lunch. This kid is intense when he's "driving" a fire truck.
After lunch, we went to Rob's new Ortho Office to check it out. He has two now. Things are going pretty good for them.
Then, we went home for naps and to get cleaned up. Angie got a babysitter so the adults could go out to dinner. Rob and all us girls. Luckily, his sister and her husband (my cousin) went to dinner with us too. We went to a yummy grill called "The Office". They kept saying they were going to the office and I thought he needed to get something from his ortho office or something. Then we ended up at a restaurant. Kinda funny. It was good food and good company. The babysitter, Cami their niece, survived with 9 kids by herself. It's a good thing Brinley is a good helper with Easton.

We matched that night! No planning was involved. Aren't we cute sisters?