Sunday, April 27, 2014

March Mish-Mash

Here's some random pictures of our month in March.
Nice legs! Easton just can't escape some of the girly things. His curiosity gets the best of him. He really wanted to wear these shoes.
I continued my homemaking streak by making tons of strawberry jam…with the help of my cute husband and kids.
Boxes are always fun to play in!
I just love it when these two play nicely.

Still rocking' the potty training!
The weather was so nice! I took the kids on a walk for the first time this year. Sadie rode her bike the whole way too for the first time. She loves that thing.
We found Brinley like this after we had come home late from a date. Those kids must've worn her out!
The girls were all match-matchy for church that day…even the doll matched.

I got my massage that Shawn promised me for Valentine's Day. It was amazing!!
The girls learned a new card game from some friends. Under the Sea I think it's called. I like how they got out the little card table to play it.
I was able to go to Manti with my sister-in-law, Jody, to shoot a wedding with her. The weather was crazy! Snowing one minute and sunshine the next! It was fun though since I'd never shot at Manti before. A sister in my ward was also at the wedding since it was her niece getting married. Small world!
There's the temple from my window at the wedding luncheon.
The house renovation starts…the house is in upheaval.
Sadie went to a bunny birthday party. She loved the bunny mask!
I have wanted to try making these Orange rolls for years. They are Shawn's brother, Ryan's recipe. Yeah, years. It's funny that it takes me so long to try out something like baking something new. Well, I guess Shawn wanted them even more than I did and made them. They turned out pretty good! I don't know why I'm so scared…maybe it's just more lazy than anything.
Brinley made a bag with her sewing machine. It was even lined. She did a great job!
One Sunday evening, we went to Barbara and Larry's for a BBQ. Easton was tired, I guess, and laid down on the stairs.
While we were there, Breanne and Layne took votes for what everyone thought the baby was…boy or girl. I guess boy and I was right! I'm going to be a great-aunt. Whoa! That sounds crazy-old! When I posted this picture on my Instagram, people thought I was announcing something. Whoops!
Look what we found under the dryer when we moved it! She immediately wanted to start coloring. Renovation turns up long-lost things!
Sadie put on Cambree's clothes and struck her model pose…I don't know what Brinley's doing.
And now for the news of the year…..
Shawn got a job at BYU!!! The process was really long and we didn't even think he had gotten an interview. Then, he got a video interview. Then, he got a call for an in-person interview…then another and then another…but it was more to just meet some people. Then, we waited for what seemed like forever before he got the offer. He has worked at the U for 13 years and has wanted to work at BYU for almost that whole time. He has applied to many jobs but the timing was right this time around. He will work as a counselor in the One Stop Office where he counsels students with admissions, registration, financial aid, and scholarships. To say he is excited is an understatement. He even got a tiny raise. I was worried because I knew he would take a pay cut just to get to BYU so I was glad it wasn't a cut.
Anyway, these pictures are showing that we celebrated by taking the family out to dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe. Sadie was feeling a little under-the-weather but she didn't complain. What a sweetheart.

The kids were a little hyper pulling faces at the restaurant.
Well, getting the job at BYU made Shawn even more obsessed about sports and wanted to go to a BYU Men's Volleyball game. They are really good and we haven't been in a long time so I was excited to go too.

Our friends, the Curtises, joined us a little late after the first match. It was a close game but we won!! Yay!
Where's Easton? Sadie and Easton were hiding and "napping" in his bookshelf.
A family in our ward's son was sick again so our friends headed up a taco stand. We got an awesome turnout! I helped a little in the kitchen. It was fun to come together and serve good food. :)
Sadie made rainbows in preschool. Her teachers sent some pictures because the kids were having so much fun with it.

Shawn got work off on a Friday for his birthday (which was on a Sunday). I stuck the kids in coop and we went to lunch, Pier 39. Shawn really isn't on his phone on our dates that's just when I get bored and remember to take a picture. :) I think we also went to Home Depot cuz we live there now with all the stuff we are doing to our house. More pictures to come!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

General Women's Conference

This year for General Women's Conference, they invited all girls 8 and older to come. What?! Cambree actually wasn't too thrilled about going. I wasn't too sure Cambree would last and was wondering why they didn't make it 12 and older. Then, I found out that my mom was able to get tickets to actually go to the Conference Center! This is history in the making and Cambree STILL wasn't excited to go. Oh well. She was still going to go. We made an afternoon out of it. We met my mom, aunt, and sister downtown. I parked somewhere and rode with them around the city. We parked and walked to City Creek for lunch. I was stoked to go to The Cheesecake Factory BUT the wait was too long! We should've known. I was so bummed. We went to Kneader's instead. Then, we walked around a bit and at Cambree's request, checked out a toy store and then headed to the Conference Center.
The blossoms were beautiful!!
We had to be there at least a 1/2 hour before it started. The lines were long!
We made it in! My stomach was actually going crazy! I was really worried I would be in and out of the bathroom but I said a prayer and took a pill I had and all was well. Whew!
This is what happens when someone else takes my picture…and a crappy camera phone that doesn't do so well indoors. Dang it!

I LOVED when they had all the girls 8-12 stand up and sing the first verse to "Teach Me to Walk in the Light". It was really powerful being there for that part.
The whole thing was awesome and to have my girls there to see the prophet (even though it was far away) was a great experience. Cambree brought her journal to write or draw in. She talked a lot during the first hour and then the last part she did better. I'm so glad they got to come with me.
Afterward, we took pictures…here we are with my mom and sisters.
Sisters…my mom and her sister.

More sisters… don't we look so much alike? Not really!
And more sisters! How fun is that?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Clear Creek

Brinley, and all the 5th grade girls, had the opportunity to go to Clear Creek. It's an educational/science camp over by Scofield. She was so excited and wanted to start packing days in advance. Finally the day came and I dropped her off at school. They loaded the buses and drove and hour and a half to the camp. She said the drive was by far the worst part.

I lent Brinley my cheap camera. She was really good at taking landscape and blurry pictures. I will try and spare you.
Here is her cabin with many bunk beds and girls.

Brinley's bunk…she got the top. Her friend Ashley slept on the bottom.
This is the dinner line. :)
This is a good shot of the campground.
This was their cabin: the Eagle Nest Lodge.
The first day was filled with fun! They played field games, made boondoggles, did trust exercises, Minute-to-Win-It games, and they watched "Remember the Titans".
Of course with tons of girls in the same cabin, they had some fun before bed. I can only image.

The next morning they packed up everything and then did more activities.

She took a picture of the logo cuz it was cool. :)

This was a good picture of the sun coming up.
Yup! There was snow up there still.
They had marshmallow wars and dressed up like the Civil War. I like it!

They played the ballon pop game and that was pretty much it for the second day.
Then they loaded the buses and came home. They were home around 2:30…they were pretty tired and many fell asleep on the bus.
Brinley took this picture of Gabby because her lips were so chapped and the only thing that felt better was to put her cold water bottle on them.
I was so happy to see her when she came home. She had a great time and didn't miss us. She was super tired and just vegged all afternoon. I'm so happy she got that opportunity.