Sunday, March 30, 2014

St. Patty's Day

I seem to have good intentions but sometimes I don't quite carry them out all the way. I thought about doing a little treasure hunt of some sort or making mischief from the leprechaun visiting out house but it just didn't happen. Cambree did decided last minute to make a leprechaun trap. I like how she put a flashlight in it to look like gold inside the box. I was thinking about how old she is to be still believing (or pretending to believe) in leprechauns so I put ketchup on the box and told her he got injured getting out of the box. I guess I was feeling mischievous too…and maybe a little violent.
 We all wore green!!

And finally, the cute photo shoot we did of the kids. I want to print them and use them as our St Patty's decor. I'm sure LUCKY to have such great kids…especially since they let me submit them to this kind of torture. Easton was pretty cute though. After I would take a picture, he would jump up and want to see it. He loves it but it took a little longer since he wouldn't sit still for very long!

 These ones are so funny where he looks sad or confused!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stake Broadway Show

The girls have been practicing the kids' songs since the beginning of the year for the Broadway Show our Stake decided to do. At first, Brinley was the only one wanting to do it. I heard that they needed more kids so I begged Cambree to try it. Guess what? She liked it and wanted to be in it too.
The girls had 4 numbers they were in. The opening number was "Lullaby on Broadway". Then, they did "I Won't Grow Up" from Peter Pan with all the kids. They sang "It's a Hard Knock Life" from Annie with just the girls (that one was fabulous!) and then "You Can't Stop the Beat" at the end with everybody. They had fun and did great! Shawn also got talked into participating. He was in a barbershop quartet singing "Lida Rose" from My Fair Lady. They did a fantastic job! Our youth also practiced and performed "Telephone Hour" from Bye Bye Birdie. It was cute but not a lot of kids were there because it was the Lone Peak Basketball State Championship game. Such bad timing!
They had 2 shows and my parents and my brother happened to be in town from Arizona and came to the first show. It was nice having some extra help with Easton and Sadie until Shawn was done. Luckily, he was close to the first of the show. Then my family had to leave and we quickly ate dinner and went back for the second show. Easton spent the whole time on my phone watching Thomas and Friends while Sadie sat on the edge of her seat loving the performance again. She wanted to be in it so bad! Overall, it was a great show with lots of talented people performing!
I had Brinley take a picture of us before the show at the house…I had a feeling he would "forget" when we got there.
 The girls played games backstage.
 This was their opening number (my girls are always in the back since they are tall).

 This was our YM/YW's number.
 And here's Shawn singing!

 Here's the Peter Pan one.

 And Hard Knock Life with just the girls.

 And the last song was from Hairspray with everyone.

 Take a bow!
 The performers:
 And my family that came to see them:
That was fun! I'm glad they got to participate and see if they like singing and dancing. Sadie sure did!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

February Mish-Mash

February is usually one of the months I like the least…but this month was fun with the Olympics going on and just everyday life. I can't complain. 2014 is treating us pretty well so far!
The kids worked hard cleaning the house. The older girls dusted the blinds on the upstairs level. Whew! That was tough! So we treated them to Orange Leaf. They deserved it!
 I forgot that he might like to do simple puzzles at this age. Yup. He does!
 For the YW Combined activity, we wanted to have some fun! So far, we've had to do big gatherings for the combined activities and we just wanted to play! So we had an Olympic theme. The Sochi-Z (do you get it "so cheesy") Olympics. We did "Minute to Win it" games. It was awesome! The sleds down the halls took the cake though. That was a riot!

I just love watching this kid play with toys. He is my best one to play by himself with toys. He also knows almost all of his letters…maybe this toy is teaching him?? I know it's not me!

Cambree came with us to Parent Teacher Conference. She is an awesome student and her teacher says she's a great leader. I love to hear that! She wanted a picture in front of the heart she made outside of her classroom.

For our Christmas gift to Shawn's parents, we took them out to dinner. They already have everything they need so we like to treat them to something instead of buying them something. We love Thai food and Shawn's brother recommended this place in Draper. It was super yummy! We got these cream cheese wontons for an appetizer. They were yummy!

I love that I found him in the corner "reading" his books.

Oh! More potty training pictures that I left out. Shawn got to chill with him day in and day out!

Yep…he would always be on my phone watching You Tube videos of people playing with cars and trains if I would let him!

This was the foyer of the movie theater…I thought they'd be more happy to see the movie…but they just probably weren't happy getting their picture taken. :)

Yes, they are running for President. ;)

I LOVE coop! It keeps me sane…even when it's at our house. :) These 3 (Eliza, Trayden, & Easton) had lots of fun playing and coloring together that day.

Oh, how I love a sleeping baby…he doesn't seem like he will be my baby for long!

Cambree drew this of our family. She made sure we were all in BYU shirts or dresses. Can we say brainwashed?

Yea! It's been so beautiful! They kids have loved playing outside. I love it!

Sadie is reading!! I can hardly believe it! None of my kids were reading before Kindergarten and we already decided to keep her back since her birthday is right before the deadline. I hope she's not bored in school. Her preschool seriously rocks!

 I'm making Shawn a quilt. Gasp!! I know! I've NEVER made a quilt and he has been wanting me to make a quilt out of all his BYU and High School sports t-shirts for YEARS!! I was finally sick of the boxes and space they were taking up and decided to do it as a present for his birthday. I was going to surprise him but when I was going through the shirts, there was just too many of them and I didn't know which ones were really important. So he got let in on the secret. My mom came to help me. I was so grateful for all her help! Tiff and Avery came to hang out too.
 Avery and Easton liked playing together while we crafted.

For YW's we had s'mores! The weather is definitely getting nicer!

As if quilting was domestic enough, I made a bunch of freezer meals when I picked up my box of chicken. Holy moly. I'd better stop doing all this! Expectations will be raised.

These last few pictures I found on our old camera that we never use. Back in like September, the girls wrote and performed a play with LOTS of costumes. They were trying to pass off a Faith in God goal. It was pretty cute…but long since the costume changes took forever.

Brinley took most of these pictures…Easton and Sadie make cute dance partners.

Daddy's shorts!!

Just some quality male-bonding going on.
There we go! I can't wait to see what March brings!