Wednesday, February 26, 2014

January Mish-Mash

January's big event seemed to only be the girls' dance concert. The rest wasn't too happen'. Although we have been looking at flooring…but I'm trying to not get too excited since these things take FOREVER for us to get going on. What's our deal?
But what we DID get done was this shelving in our laundry room…just barely in the picture there (and my laundry room isn't the cleanest). Shawn tore out the closet almost 8 months ago and got stuck as to what to do next. We finally got Jeff to come over and then Shawn got it done really fast after the mudder came. I don't have much space in my pantry so I thought shelves to put my appliances on would be awesome. It's working out great so far. We just need cabinet doors now.
Trafalga…we always have to go there at least once a month it seems. Brinley and Cambree are both climbing in this picture. Brinley is a little dark.

Sadie loves to go on the Froggy ride over and over.
They also did Laser Tag all by themselves. Always a favorite!
Easton was there too. He mostly played on the play land.
Glow in the dark mini golf was interesting with me and 4 kids. I mostly just helped Easton hit the ball and stay interested.
Our neighbor was turning 42 and her husband threw a surprise party for her. It was in Noah's Game Room so it had a ping pong table, pool, and video games (which we never played). It was so fun! We played "Scrud". I think I played that game back in college. I won a game…which says a lot since there were LOTS of people playing.

My sweet Grandma got pneumonia and needed to be admitted into the hospital. It was scary there for a while. She was telling my dad all of her funeral plans. She has been depressed and just wants to pass away and be with her husband. That is a hard thing. The doctor was mad because she was thinking that way and said he's had a lot of other people sicker than she is and survived. She did get over this (because I'm behind in blogging!) and has just barely moved into an assisted living center. I think she will like it there because she won't be so alone. They play games and have church. She loves games! I sure hope she does better. She is the sweetest!

I loved all my Christmas Cards this year and kept them up a few weeks longer.
These two are my little cooking buddies. As soon as I get a pot or a mixer out, they are up on the counter. They LOVE to help…probably because they know they get to taste-test too.

Cambree's New Year's Resolutions…they are some good ones! No complaining here!
My friend and counselor in YW with me and I visit teach her, is pregnant with her first BOY!! She has 4 girls. I'm SO excited for her (even though she cried when she found out it was a boy) and I wanted to throw her a baby shower. So did everyone else! That made it easy to plan a shower with so much help. I didn't even have to have it at my house.
While searching on Pinterest, I found this "Little Man" theme. I LOVED it! I made the invites with little bow ties and found these cupcake toppers that were perfect in these Kneaders Eclairs. I made the "Keep Calm" sign for her to put in her nursery. The "Wet your Whiskers" sign for the drinks was a nice touch. Mustaches on the straws and balloons was a fun touch too. I drew bow ties on the cups. I was mad I couldn't find stickers. I had lots of fun planning it and lots of fun attending it too!

Easton climbed on the coffee table and said, "night, night".

Sadie made a little "garden" in preschool. (And yes, that's another bonk on her head!)

Another haircut for Easton. Of course we had to play with him first. We gave him a mullet and then chopped it off.

Handsome boy!!

After pizza and hair cuts, we went with the Dunns to Trafalga. They FINALLY have the Pass of all Passes! We did Laser Tag, Mini Golf, and rides. The girls were dying to climb and did it just before we had to leave. Shawn had a Ward Basketball game to get to.

Sadie's snowflake.

I think we might be a little over-the-top with our big YW's activities. For New Beginnings, we did had a fabric/pattern theme about having Christ be the pattern in your life. We decorated with patterns, origami dresses, clothespins, homemade dresses, bolts of fabric, spools, antique sewing things, etc. It was beautiful! We had cinnamon chips and fruit salsa for dessert. The girls got a pattern to make little birds to take home. There was a skit a few of the girls did and we had some speakers. That was it! It was an awesome night. I had several people comment on how wonderful it was. Yea!

My girls blessing dress is the little one all the way to the right.

Shawn has quite a few boxes of old sports shirts and jerseys. I made him go through it. I want to make a quilt for his birthday. Hopefully I can get it done! Well, Easton found the box and wanted to try on Shawn High School jersey. It's pretty big!

It snowed again! Sadie and Cambree went with their friends…well, Sadie tagged along with Cambree's friends, Jordan and Victoria.

Oh! The dreaded Science Fair project! We've avoided it so far but Brinley had to do it this year. She did it on our sense of smell. She wondered if moms could tell their daughter's t-shirts just by smell. She gave 5 friends t-shirts and had them wear them for a week without washing them. Then she gathered them up and then had each mom smell all the shirts. Half guessed right and half guessed wrong. It was pretty interesting! She did a great job. After the judging, they announced over the intercom at school who was moving on to district. Brinley got honorable mention which she was happy with! She got recognized at school but she didn't go on and she was happy! She didn't want to go on. Funny girl.

Shawn bought me this one weekend….I was in heaven! We never buy Ben & Jerry's. He's so thoughtful sometimes.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

BYU Basketball Game…and an Apostle

So our friends, Nicole and Jeff, were able to get tickets to the BYU Basketball game against San Diego and they were great seats! So great, that an apostle came and sat RIGHT in front of me a few minutes after the game started! Can you believe that??? RIGHT in front of me sat Dallin H. Oaks! He was with his beautiful wife (who he helped take her coat off) and some friends…a double date. He turned around a couple of times and commented on the game and shook our hands. He told Nicole's son he'd be a future missionary. When it was clear we were going to win the game, he got up and said that he hadn't been to a game in a long time. Jeff said he should come to more and maybe they would win more. :) Haha! It was so fun to go to the game and then to be by such an amazing man. It was fun to watch him interact with everyone. He is so kind.