Thursday, January 30, 2014

December Mish-Mash

It's that time again!! Time for total randomness!! Here's what December was like at the Hancock House:
 These two love taking baths together. I love listening to them play.
So...ever since we moved into our house, we couldn't get our fireplace to work. Our brother-in-law looked at it and said we needed a blower. So that didn't happen. I was telling my friend about how our fireplace doesn't work and she asked if we had lit the pilot light. Umm...I don't think so. So Shawn tried it and guess what? It worked!! Fire!! It's been so cold and it's so nice to have a fire!
This mountain of dishes I do Monday morning is a result of Shawn cooking on Sunday. I really can't complain because he cooks every Sunday, but I guess I am. ;)
I think I've mentioned before how I don't bake much. Well, I think this is the first time I've made sugar cookies with the kids. Pathetic! They LOVED it too.
This is what Easton looks like when Sadie leaves for Preschool. It's a full-on two year old tantrum. Luckily, you can't hear him!
We had a game night with some friends while the kids played and watched a movie. They are really into "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".
 Cambree made a really cute gingerbread house at Activity Days. It was really cute!
 At school, Cambree had to present a report. It was Christmas Around the World and she chose Brazil. We made yummy Brigadeiros to give to the class for a treat.
 And here she is presenting her report at school.
Sadie also made a gingerbread house but at Playgroup and it wasn't edible...although Easton kept trying to eat it.
Brinley worked hard all week to do her book report. They had to make up a cereal and tie in the book they read. Clever.
 Santa wrote us back!!
Easton ate many, many chocolate muffins at the Ward Christmas Breakfast. He now knows the word Chocolate. I'm so proud!
We got a babysitter for Easton and took the girls to see "Frozen" in 3D. They were super excited and it was REALLY good! We hardly ever go to the expensive theaters but it's so fun to do it once-in-a-while.

So I guess every year the YW have a Christmas Dinner - Jerusalem style. We were nervous about trying to pull off something the old leaders did so we made it more of a fancy dinner and had a guest come talk about Handel and The Messiah he wrote. It took us a while to decorate but the evening went well and the food was yummy! The girls also played games while we plated the food. I think the girls had a fun time. It was a great night.
 I saw this centerpiece set-up in a gym in another ward and we were able to totally copy it.
 Since our ward party didn't have Santa, we had to go find a Santa to go see. We went to a nearby outdoor (brrrrr!!!) mall and saw him. The pictures were too $$$ to buy so this was while we were waiting and then another picture outside Santa's house.
Easton was pretty funny. He didn't want to sit on Santa's lap (and we actually didn't make him cuz I couldn't take a picture of him crying anyway) so I just held him. When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas he leaned over and said quietly, "Cars". And then again, "Thomas". It was pretty cute!
Making Christmas treats for co-workers and a few of Sadie's friends. Sadie loved helping. I love a treat that she can help with.

 Sadie went to her friend's birthday party. It was a pig party (obviously) and adorable!
 She invited pretty much every kid in the ward that was close to her age. It was about 20 kids!
 Eating like a pig on the floor.
 This was the last day of school before Christmas break. They all wanted to be festive. Pretty cute!
I helped in Brinley's classroom for the Christmas party. We put wrapping paper on soap (making it decorative) using wax. Clever idea!
Never, ever do a Groupon for Christmas cards! I ordered by December 2nd and I didn't get them back until the 20th! And they printed up bad. I was so annoyed. The day we got them in the mail, is the day we stuffed envelopes and they went back out in the mail. Ugh. I hate sending them late(er). The company later apologized that their service was bad and offered free New Year's cards for 2014. I don't want New Year's cards. Lame.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hancock Holiday Parties!!

It's so fun that Christmas pretty much lasts a week. It's fun to celebrate Christmas with my family and then do the Hancocks a week later.
Barbara and Larry's health is getting bad and we didn't want them to do anything extra (Barbara had a fall and fractured her back!), so we had Christmas at Ryan's house. It's such a party house so the kids loved it! They had the cousin gift exchange. Easton got a car that he wouldn't put down, Cambree got Barbie movies that she's wanted, Sadie got a My Little Pony and Princess Sophia, and Brinley got a figure for her Infinity game. They were all happy campers!
 All the cousins...and a crazy pic too!
Of course there was lots of yummy food. Easton was all about it and just sat on the couch with his mouth wide open waiting to be fed. It was so funny!
 He also loved the air hockey table. Especially when Uncle Val played with him. Poor Easton hadn't had a nap that day (1:00 church now!) and we stayed there until midnight. I can't believe he didn't have a meltdown!
 The kids all making shadow puppets in the movie room...the things that keep them entertained...

During that week, we had fun with the Vegas cousins. The kids went sledding by our house and then the adults went to "The Book Thief" movie that night. Great but sad movie. We also had Claudia spend the night one night.
New Year's Eve we headed back over to Ryan's to ring in the New Year. We played "Head's Up" with his family. It was a hit! We also played Sequence and ate and talked. Perfect. :)
Plenty of dogs around for my kids to get their fix!!

Happy New Year!! 2014!!
It was another late night for Easton but he made it. We paid for it the next day though...totally worth it!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Post Christmas Fun

It was very nice to still relax and take it easy but we wanted to go sledding before going home. We got all the kids ready and my dad came with us to a nearby park to sled.
Going up the hill is never very fun!
 3 on a sled??! Easton wasn't loving the idea.
 There goes Brinley!
 Awe...lover's shadows.

It was so icy the kids would just sled down in their snow pants. It also was so icy that our tubes got holes in them and kept getting we ended early.  But that was fine because we needed to head home soon.
 This kid NEVER falls asleep in the car and he did on the way home. We wore him out!!
 Brinley was excited to get home to play Infinity.
  Cute princess, Brinley! The set is really cute, but I was already sick of the PlayDoh mess.

A few days later, we had the annual Stout Christmas party. It was way up in Layton and we weren't sure we would make it since Shawn's brother from Vegas was coming into town. But it worked out that we were able to go. It was at a church and the kids loved playing in the gym. Easton was a blur because he was running all over.
The adults played a few games including a Heads-Up game where you guess the word being displayed to everyone else. We also played the saran wrap ball game. People were really getting into it! It was a fun party!
My sister trying to guess Kwanza. It was Christmas words.