Monday, December 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving this year was the Davis' turn. We were all planning on having it at my parent's house in Tooele. We were just going to stay a night or two and make a weekend of it. Then, we got news that my grandma wasn't doing well at all. She's been so up and down but they really thought she could go any day. She hadn't eaten anything since the Monday before Thanksgiving and she was sleeping more. My aunt and uncle were supposed to come to Tooele too but they didn't want to leave Grandma that long so my mom decided it was best to have Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house in Holladay so we could be near the hospice that my Grandma was staying at. So it was hard for my mom to pack up everything and bring it to her house (the jello didn't fare so well) but she managed and everything turned out great. Everyone just had to do their own dishes since my grandma doesn't have a dishwasher. :) She is simple like that.
 Sadie looked darling for her preschool Thanksgiving feast! She was so excited!
And I was excited to have finally found the perfect roll recipe! I can make yummy rolls now! I'm so proud.
Here's the toddler table…they were the loudest table and when they were done, they screamed while running up and down the stairs. Ugh. All Easton would eat were the rolls.
My sister had fun making name tags showing you where to sit. Yup! Right in front of the turkey. Thanks!
 The girls serenaded us over and over again with their piano skills.
I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to remember some things from my Grandma's house like her missionary board that she was so proud of.
 Her birthday calendar is also fun to look at although it's getting pretty crowded!
I was grateful we were close enough to go see her one last time. My mom didn't prepare me well enough though and I didn't expect her to look that sick. We told her some of our favorite memories. This was what I said: Her cookies were at the top of the list. She always had them when we would come to visit and no one could make them puffy like she could. Another memory I shared with her was when my dad was out of work and I was probably around 6 years old. She took us to Toys R Us and let us get whatever we want. I picked out some roller skates. That was a treat!
When we left, we each told her we loved her and she woke up for a minute to look at us or tell us she loved us. After I was out of the room, I cried. I knew it was the last time I would see her alive. 
When we came back, we had a little bit of time to play Ticket to Ride. We can always make time to play games!
 Easton loved Grandma's wooden train. Who knows how old that thing is.
The next day, we chilled in our jammies at home. I did some Black Friday shopping online and then I had a photo shoot in the afternoon. I pretty much got all my shopping done! It's great to do it from home!
We continued our tradition of having a Thankful door. I love seeing some of the things our kids come up with.

On Saturday, we had the Hancock families over for soup and salad to celebrate Thanksgiving. Easton was attached at the hip to Josh the whole time. We talked and played a game. The kids played mostly played outside. It was so nice outside! Crazy weather.
 It was actually Layne's birthday. He said he wanted a pizza cake and Lynnette took it literally and made it look like a pizza with fruit roll-ups cut up. It was pretty sweet.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Potty Training Round 2

The weekend after Halloween I knew was the weekend to potty train Easton. We would train him Saturday thru Monday. Shawn even took work off on Monday to try again. Easton did ok on the first day with a few accidents. I was hoping it would all come back and it would be easy. At least pooping in the toilet he was still doing fine. On Sunday, he actually started to get sick the 2nd day so he wasn't drinking as much. Same with the 3rd day. So when Shawn went back to work, I was a little worried. I also wanted him to be able to go by himself but he doesn't like to stand or get on the potty himself. So we are still working on that. But I'm happy to say that he's done it! He's good and hardly has any accidents. He still wears a pull-up at night since he has more wet ones than dry ones. It was definitely better this time around than last time. He was ready!
 Trains makes the time go by quicker for this guy.

 He NEVER falls asleep on me. I think that's a sure sign he is sick.
Look at all those stickers! He is potty trained (hopefully!). Here's hoping he doesn't regress again when we have the baby. Fingers crossed!

Friday, December 19, 2014

October Mishmash

Flu shot time! We went down to BYU to do them for free. I didn't want to tell them where we were going until we were on our way. When I told them what we were doing, Cambree started crying. She HATES shots. Sadie was pretty brave about it until it was her turn to get it done. Then she threw a fit, as well as Easton and Cambree was crying but eventually talked herself into getting it done. Drama! Shawn came to get his just as everything was settling down. Of course!
Sadie made this in Preschool and wanted me to take a picture of it. I'm not sure what it is. A collage of some sort?
I helped a little with the twins again. They looked so cute all snuggled up together and ready for bed!
I did senior pictures for a guy that is Pioneer Pete…the mascot for Lehi High. Pretty fun!
Before going to my parent's house for conference weekend, we had Sadie's soccer game to go to.
Spending Conference weekend at my parent's house is so fun! The kids had fun making breadsticks with Grandma.
We also celebrated Cambree's birthday with cake and presents.

While the men were at priesthood session, we entertained the toddlers outside with watering cans.

Sadie had a field trip to the fire station. She told me about not being scared of them when they wear their big masks.

For YW's we had a fall social. We rotated to 3 different houses and at each house we did something different. We made glitter pumpkins, caramel apples and learned Thriller to perform at the ward Halloween Party.

More baby girl twin time!
For Barbara & Larry's birthdays, we said we would take them to dinner and a movie. We went to Brick Oven and took them to see Meet the Mormons. They had a good time getting out. We think they probably enjoy getting out rather than getting a gift. (I know…nice picture…I just wanted to remember that we did that and they don't love getting their picture taken.)
It's the end of soccer season! Team pictures!
Brinley is in a children's choir this fall. Their first performance was Star Spangled Banner at the Alpine Tabernacle Rededication. Pretty neat! Shawn was also asked to join a special choir to sing there. He was in the main choir that sang several songs. He did a good job and looked great up there!

After the rededication.

Helping at preschool again…they made pumpkin cookies for snack time. Yum!

Scary! Sadie got vampire teeth from the treasure box at preschool.
Sadie loves to ride her bike any chance she can get so one afternoon, I took them over to the horses. The weather was so nice! Only a few of these good days left.

The kids also had fun feeding the horses. They were scared to have them eat out of their hands (I don't blame them!) so Sadie would run to one end and put the apple down and the horse would go find it.

Or knock them off the fence...

Everyone came to Barbara and Larry's house to celebrate Barbara's birthday. We did a pizza potluck. Her brother and his family from California were in town for the weekend so they were able to be there too.
I got to be the Mystery Reader in Cambree's class. She looked at my calendar and found out about it so she helped me pick some books. The 13 Nights of Halloween is funner if it is sung…I was glad her class sang it with me. That could've been bad.
On another day helping at preschool, we took a walk around the neighborhood seeing all the fall things we could find. Her neighborhood goes all out with decorating so it was a fun walk.

Brinley had another choir performance. They got to dress up in their Halloween costumes and sing some fun Halloween songs. It happened to be a day that everyone had to be places so by the time we got to her performance, they were singing their last song. Brinley was pretty made at me. I tried!
Last game of the season for Brinley! She went out with a bang and was the goalie for the last half. She can kick far and had some great saves.
For a preschool field trip, Sadie got to go to a play! It was called Miss Nielson is Missing. The actors did a great job at pretending to be naughty kids. The preschool kids loved it! I liked it too!

The Scera Theater was also doing The Adams Family so they had a fun photo op out in the foyer. The kids insisted on getting their pictures taken.
October was good to us, now on to November!