Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stringtown Nightmare Express

I kept hearing about this free fun train ride in Pleasant Grove called The Stringtown Nightmare Express. A bunch a neighbors put it together. Easton is all about trains so I just knew we had to go this year. Shawn had a dentist appointment and was home earlier than usual so it was the perfect day to go and hopefully avoid the long lines I hear also about.
All along the lines, there were fun things to look at. We just breezed by most of them since the line wasn't too long. They even made a cute computer animated movie to watch while waiting. They go all out! It was already very impressive!
 But just long enough that we had plenty of time for pictures!
 Sadie was acting dead in the coffin.
 A few trains kept breaking down so we were "on deck" for a long time just waiting!! Oh! But we finally got a turn!
 I tried taking pictures on the train. It was a little difficult. But they had lots of fun scenes and nothing too scary for little ones. I guess it is scarier after dark.
You were supposed to find all the Jacks on the train ride. I counted maybe 20...but they said they have over 100!!

 Umm...did no one know I was trying to take a picture after the ride??
 A family picture!! Amazing (but Brinley had to have a sucker in her mouth!)! Loved it! We will be going again for their Christmas one and next year for sure!

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