Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall Break

Fall break was the day after Brinley's field trip. I had nothing planned and no where to go!! So I called a friend to see if they wanted to go to see the witches at Gardner Village. They were game even though it was cold and snowing/raining. We haven't been for a few years so the kids thought it was really fun and Brinley did the little scavenger hunt and we all got a cookie at the end.
After that, we went to the mall to get Cambree's ears pierced. Our girls get to have their ears pierced when they turn 8 and Cambree could hardly wait!!
Here she is all excited to have it done. The lady offered to do them at the same time but Cambree didn't think it would hurt too bad and just had her do one at a time...
...well, it hurt worse than she thought. Tears were coming down her face. So sad...but she braved it and got the other one done.

Then, we played at the little indoor playground and on the escalators. :/
Now she's all smiles!

And here's a close-up. She wanted the pink glitter hearts.

The next day we still didn't have any plans. I called Nicole to see what they had going on and they were headed to a Pumpkin Patch. I didn't really want to spend money and it was cold and windy so we didn't go. I think we just cleaned the house or something (I don't remember! But I do remember feeling lame!). Kinda boring fall break. Hopefully we go somewhere fun next year.

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