Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cambree's Rock Star Party

Cambree turned the big 8!! Crazy, crazy! She has been wanting a Rock Star Party ever since Brinley had one when she turned 8, so she was pretty excited. I wanted to do it the same but also do a few things different so I hit Pinterest. We decorated using pretty much the same decorations, but the cake we did different. For Brinley we did a guitar (it was awesome!) but Cambree didn't want that. Well, that was fine with me since we were leaving for the weekend to my parent's house for General Conference immediately after the party and I didn't want left over cake. I found these CUTE microphone cake balls to make instead of a cake. They were a hit!! The girls LOVED them!!
When the girls arrived, they were checked off the list and got backstage passes (like Brinley's party) and blow-up microphones. For the activities, we had karaoke going almost the whole time. While that was going, they could get their nails painted with crackle, hair colored, and/or make a guitar. So fun! It was great to get the shyer girls to do something before they broke out singing. I also took pictures of each girl to send them a thank you card with their picture on it.
After cake, we did presents and then freeze dance and "Rock Star Upset" is always a great go-to game since we had a little bit of time left. (It's the game "Fruit Basket Upset" but you can adapt it to any party.)
Yes, Cambree had to pose before the party started. I was trying to get her to do wild poses but she wanted to do her own thing.

Everyone seemed to have a good time! Whew! No more parties until summer of 2015!


Jennifer S said...

Oh my goodness why are you the coolest mom ever?? SO cute!

Krystal Baker said...

Cute. You are such a good mom!