Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cambree's Baptism Photo Session

My Cambree. She is growing up right before my eyes! Sometimes I can't believe what she is capable of.
And here are some things about that:
-I think she LOVES being a big sister. She likes to play (boss) with Sadie. Sometimes she plays really cute with her but sometimes I find Sadie tied to a chair.
-She started piano lessons and is very dedicated. I'm surprised that I don't ever have to remind her to practice.
-Cambree loves to read. I don't have to remind her to read for school ever either. She takes care of it herself. So far, she likes the American Girl or Junie B. Jones books most. She skipped a few reading levels at the beginning of the school year which doesn't usually happen after the summer.
-She is a pro at school. She does her homework really fast and knows exactly what she needs to get done. I hope it continues to go that way! (She's like her mom.)
-She has one best friend who is a year younger than she is who she plays with almost every day of every available hour.
-She likes to look nice and is already crushing on boys. Oh boy.
-The emotional pre-teen is coming...she sometimes cries if she's mad, or frustrated, or sad, or watching a touching movie. (She got that from her mom too.)
-Cambree was SO excited to be baptized! She was telling her Primary teachers almost every week for awhile.

I took these photos WAY back in June because I wanted to go to the poppy field...well, there was only one poppy left. Dang. Oh well. It's still a beautiful place! She LOVES to get her picture taken!
She was actually sick of picture-taking by this time and was done. Oh, but I LOVE her face!! Perfect!

 And just a few bloopers.

 This is the baptism invite that I made.


Kris said...

Great pictures!

Mandy Summers said...

She's started piano?!! Your girls will have to perform for me when we get there! I'd love to hear how they're doing!