Friday, November 15, 2013

Brinley's Art/Geology Field Trip

Yeah! I was quite the amazing mom and went on 2 field trips in one month! Brinley has taken many field trips but they were always on days I couldn't go so I jumped at the chance when I could go on this one. We went to the BYU Art Museum and to Rock Canyon Park for a Geology lesson by a BYU student. Her teacher is creative with her field trips!
We got to ride in the bus with the kids. It wasn't too bad. The 6th grade class on the bus were louder than the 5th grade class.
I didn't take any pictures at the Museum. We weren't allowed to take them inside. But they had a fun tour-guide that taught us about the different eras, types and techniques of the art. I learned a lot!
Then we bussed to Rock Canyon Park for lunch and then a hike in the mountains. The weather was supposed to be really cold so we brought coats but it was just perfect and we ended up shedding our layers.
 This BYU student was great at engaging the kids. We also saw 2 tarantulas! 2!! I've never seen one in the wild! We made sure the kids steered clear but they loved looking at them.
 The colors were amazing!! Fall was in full-swing!
Brinley wanted me to take this picture of the 2 types of rock. The dark rock and the lighter rock. I think the dark rock is from a glacier. Ha! I listened so well. ;) I like art more than science.
She's not too amused that I wanted her in this crevice.

 There. She wanted THIS crevice!
 See? Colors are AMAZING!! As we walked back to the bus, they girls collected leaves for their leaf man project.
 The end. I love going on field trips with my kids. It's a great opportunity to spend time with just them (and a few other kids I'm in charge of but you know what I mean!).

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