Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bee Bella Boutique

When a fellow photographer was asking for a little girl 3-4 years old to model for a new boutique, I jumped at the chance to have Sadie do it. I'm sure she would love to try on's like dress-up. I mean she did model for Seven Slings back when she was 10 months old, how different could it be? Um...first of all, she is mobile and can walk and talk back and make faces. Yeah, she was kind of a character and I kept apologizing to the photographer since she was a little crazy but she said it was fine and she loved the images she was getting. I'm glad she was fine with it, I was kind of stressing. She was RUNNING all over! I thought she was going to put a hole in their tights. Ugh. But it was really fun to be there and the clothes are so cute! She also made some new friends. That girl is friendly! Anyway, check out Bee Bella Boutique! And I might be biased, but Sadie was the cutest one. :)
The photographer (Laree Photography) was nice enough to give us all these images. Love them!
Outfit change! Yeah, we had them dress behind a towel. That works! They are still little enough. :)
See her karate moves? Crazy girl?
There she goes! She got one of her running cuz that's what she did half the time!
And here's the cute flier the photographer made. Cute girls!


Kris said...

Those turned out great! She's so adorable!

Andrea B. said...

She is soooo cute! I love her hair, it is amazing! So fun when girls get to do exciting things.

Tiffany said...

I don't think you're biased about her being the cutest one... the prettiest little girl models are the ones with long, curly locks. She was super adorable. And you were totally rocking those red skinny jeans! Loved it!