Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cambree's Baptism Day

Cambree got baptized on November 2nd into the LDS church. She was SOOOOO excited for her big day and was telling everyone about it. Her Primary teachers mentioned that they wouldn't miss it! Cambree has been telling them for weeks! It was a beautiful day and lots of family and friends came to support her. My mom was already here since she stayed for Halloween. It was so nice since she helped clean (I cleaned all the carpets in the house!!) and get the food ready. She also stayed with the kids while Shawn and I went early to the church to get Cambree changed.
Cambree was the only one in our ward to get baptized. This was WAY different than when Brinley was baptized. Brinley had 7 other little girls being baptized when she was! So I wasn't quite sure how it was all going to go down. It was nice to put together the whole program and have it all highlight Cambree. My mom gave a great talk and Brinley was really brave and sang "When I Am Baptized". She was nervous but has a great voice and did such a good job. Cambree got to pick who said the prayers and the songs. She wanted her Primary teacher to give the opening prayer. She is so sweet and like a grandma to her. The closing prayer she chose Grandma Hancock. The songs were not the typical baptism songs but are her favorite songs: "I'll Walk with You" and "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". Everything went perfectly and the Spirit was definitely present (even with busy-body Easton). It was a great service.
Here's the group! This is mostly family. We had some friends come but they left before we could take the picture.
After the baptism, we went back to the house for lunch. Everyone helped make a salad or something and it turned out great!
Cambree got a little spoiled and received some thoughtful gifts. One cute one was from Aunt Cori's family. They got her a pillow case she could color. She also received a towel that Grandma Davis made and some necklaces from aunts and a journal from another aunt. Cambree said she didn't know you got presents when you got baptized and was pleasantly surprised!

 My Dad brought my Grandma. I was so happy she wanted to come. It's hard for her to get out.
 Cambree was being silly whenever I wanted to take she is with my parents.
 Same with Shawn's parents but in this picture, Larry pulled a face too. :)

And Shawn made the 8 cake again (We did it for Brinley's baptism. I love it so much!)...well, it was a team effort. I made the cakes and Shawn decorated. Even with the morning rush to get everyone ready, he was able to do it. He is good!!
The next day at church it was fast Sunday and Cambree could hardly wait until it was time to bear testimonies. I HATE speaking in front of people (in fact, I had a dream the night before that I was bearing my testimony and had another dream about a rattlesnake...two of my worst fears!) but Cambree convinced me to get up too. She is a great example to me in that respect.
I'm so proud of Cambree for wanting to be baptized! She is certainly maturing and becoming such a young lady. I'm happy to be her mother and happy that she is now a full member of the church and has access to all the blessings it has to offer.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

October Mish-mash

Here's the mish-mash for October. Lots going on!
 Brinley got a perm!! She has been wanting one for a while and Nicole finally did it for her. It's just a nice wave. It's cute! I don't think she had any idea what a perm was all about...the time it takes and the smell!
Easton often says "Paka" and wants to see his friend Parker. So cute that they were just chillin together on the couch. I stayed for a little bit to chat with Nicole but then left and Shawn brought Brinley home. Perms take awhile!
 Here she is! All curly!
Cambree was excited to get birthday money from Aunt Kristy but sad that their card said they couldn't come to her baptism. She said she forgot they moved to Arizona and she thought they would be here. Awww...
 This kid is addicted to watching Cars. I need to do something about that...but he looks so cute and peaceful when he watches it.
 Did a wedding on a pretty October day! My friend Tracie helped me out. She's the best!
 Just doing a little location scouting with these two.
 Ok, so do I not have enough going on that I wanted to host a Twister/Bejeweled House Party? So we had about 12 girls over to play Twister and a new Bejeweled game. We also frosted cupcakes and they played with glo sticks out on the trampoline. They had a blast but I seriously don't know what I was thinking? Free stuff that's what and it brings girls together. One little girl's mom said she was so excited to invited to a "just because" party. She felt so grown up. Love that.
 The pyramid did not last long at all!!
 Sadie got a cough. Easton's turned into croup. Poor kid.
 I didn't know Easton knew how to take pictures. I kept this one. It wasn't too bad.
This picture is pretty amazing. Shawn tore out our closet back in the spring. It has sat and sat empty which I something I did NOT want to happen! Who wants a closet with nothing in it? Shawn FINALLY figured out what to do and sheet-rocked it. This guy is mudding it. Finally!!! Maybe I will have a closet soon but probably not until after Christmas. Little things like this should NOT take a year but it does. Can you tell I'm a little irritated? Don't get me started. My blood is already starting to boil.
Brinley had a State Fair at school. She worked all week on her poster. We did a sports theme since her Aunt Mandy said everyone in Ohio loves sports and they have TONS of teams there. It was cute. We also brought back some Amish dip seasoning when we were there so she was able to have a food sample. Pretty cool. She got full points plus a bonus 5. Great job, girlie!
I'm in YW's now and one of the Laurels was having a Disney concert for her singing group. I decided to have a girls night and took them to the show. The kids were encouraged to dress up like their favorite Disney character (We are REALLY lacking in the dress up department. All our dress-ups have been through lots of wear and tear!). Cambree was Jasmine (kind of a stretch) and Sadie was Cinderella. Brinley is too old to dress up, of course. The show was great and the kids were glued the whole time. Brinley said she wants to do that when she's in High School. I think she could if she worked hard. They are good!
 We got front row because we thought it started a 1/2 hour earlier than it did.
 Brinley's last soccer game of the season. Easton was obsessed with trying to get to Brinley. He would stand on the sidelines and watch her. Darling. But in this picture he actually started running out onto the field. That kid.
 They hardly win any games but they always have a good time and such a great coach.
 Just hanging out at the doctor's office for Easton to get his booster flu shot.
He kept saying, "ookie" and wanted one so bad even though the cookies weren't cooked yet. It's so hard to wait!!
And that's a wrap for October!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Halloween Festivities 2013

Do the days just seem to fly by this time of year? Yikes! Halloween came fast! I barely knew what my kids were dressing up as!
The Sunday before Halloween, we carved pumpkins. We had a busy week and we couldn't do it any other night. I was hoping they would still look good on Halloween.
Brinley did hers all by herself from start to finish. She made Harry Potter. Cambee just needed a little help carving hers. And I pretty much did Sadie's...she just told me what she wanted me to carve. We are not fancy around here. No stencils, just our imaginations!
We had a show playing for Easton so he wasn't in the way and Sadie watched it with him pretty much the whole time.

For dance on Halloween week, they got to wear their costumes and have a little party. I got there for the end and it was cute to watch them dance to each other's "houses" and do the Monster Mash.

On Halloween day, my mom wanted to come since being at home and just handing out candy isn't as fun as being with grand kids. I have to agree! She got here just in time for the costume parade at the school. It was packed as always and I should always bring my good camera! I always get a blurry picture of them running walking by. I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of Brinley (I was trying to keep Easton seated and he was playing with my phone) but luckily my friend got one!

Sadie got to go to preschool on Halloween. So we got her all dressed up!
I volunteered to help out in Brinley's classroom for the Halloween party. I dressed up like a vampire (minus the teeth). I had to come up with a game. I played one that we played at Girls Camp and it was a hit! You wrap up a candy bar (or some kind of prize) in a big ball of plastic wrap with little candy pieces throughout (I called it Spider's Nest for Halloween). When you roll doubles, you get to try and unwrap it. I had 2 pairs of dice going so it was going fast! The kids LOVED it!! It ended kind of quick so we played Fruit Basket Upset Halloween style. The kids liked that too. I felt like a cool mom. :)
After that, it's just a mad rush to get kids fed and ready again to go trick-or-treating and get some pictures taken, of course! I made the traditional hot dog mummies and tomato soup for dinner. Love that easy, festive meal!

 Here's our cute BYU cheerleader!

 And our cute BYU Football player.
 We borrowed the football gear from a neighbor and had to cover up their last name on the jersey.

 A sassy witch!
 And a scary dead bride.
 Make that 2 dead brides. Brinley's friend was photo bombing.
And they are ready to head out!

 Oh, but first we had to get some of the 2 of them much BYU team spirit!

And they were gone! Brinley went out with a friend for her first time ever just the two of them. Crazy that she's old enough to do that. Cambree went with a friend and her family. My mom said she would stay and hand out candy so Shawn and I could take the littles out together. She is so nice...that's what she didn't want to do at home! Turns out, our neighbors got out the fire pit and sat out in the cul-de-sac like we did last year to hand out candy. My mom joined them and said she had a fun time. I joined them later when Easton and Sadie were done. Nicole and Jeff and their family met up with us and went around our neighborhood for a little bit. What a fun Halloween we had with family and friends! The weather was just perfect too!